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Why Should You Buy an Organic Mattress

When it comes to choosing mattresses, nowadays, we have a wide range of options – which can easily make it time-consuming and overwhelming to choose one. But, since the industries developed, manufacturers opted for using materials such as memory foam, metal coils, and weaves to make them. Although artificial materials do come at a cheaper price, they might not be durable and for most people, they do not allow them to have a good sleeping pattern. That is why some manufacturers opted for using other naturally occurring substances like wool, cotton, or latex.

Now, if you are thinking about buying an organic bed, the text below might allow you to understand what it is, the types you can opt from, as well as the benefits it can bring you. Let’s take a closer look at the article:

Organic Mattresses Explained

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To put it simply, they are mattresses, just like any other, but produced from naturally occurring substances such as cotton, wool, and latex. The substances are all gathered from natural sources and are processed without using any dangerous and harmful chemical substances. Yes, it is true that buying these beds can be a pricey investment, however, it is one that will allow you to gain a wide range of benefits. If you are curious, continue reading to learn more about these mattresses.

What Types Can You Choose From?

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You should understand that there are still no strict parameters that would define what makes these cushions. Hence, manufacturers can easily say that their beddings are organic, although they might not entirely be organic. That is why, for example, some of them are made from a mixture of artificial and natural substances, however, harmful chemical substances are still not implemented in the manufacturing processes. So, if you wish for it to be organic, you will need to look at the substances used for producing them. Here is what you can consider getting:

  1. Latex – manufacturers can opt from two types of latex – artificial and natural latex. The natural one is collected from rubber trees, however, keep in mind that they are gathered in an eco-friendly way, hence, they only take the sap from the tree. Once it is collected, it is manufactured into latex foam.
  2. Innerspring – this mattress type has either 1 or 2 layers of steel coils that in fact support your body and it can feature 1 or more fiber layers that will allow you to be comfortable. Although the coils do not occur naturally, the beds featuring them are considered to be organic if the layers are made from natural materials.
  3. Memory Foam – memory foam is 100 percent artificial, hence, it can not be organic. But some brands use plant-based materials that create an organic product. However, if the production does not require the use of dangerous substances, memory foam can be a good choice.

The Benefits You Can Gain

There is a wide range of benefits you can gain including:

1. Having a Chemical Free Mattress

As previously mentioned, these mattresses should be created with no artificial chemicals. The materials are used are all developed without using dangerous pesticides and harmful chemicals that could be incredibly dangerous for your health. The usual fire retardants are carcinogenic, which is something that you do not want to think about when you go to bed. As stated on, a non-toxic mattress can improve your overall health, as well as stop you from worrying about the bad effects a mattress can have on your body and health.

2. Having a Hypo-Allergenic Mattress

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If you suffer from respiratory problems or allergies, you should definitely opt for getting this bedding type. Allergic reactions and breathing problems can be caused by chemical substances that are used for manufacturing them. Since they are insecticide-free and chemical-free, they are also hypo-allergenic. They are also known for having anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, which means that they are resistant to germs, dust, bedbugs, and other things that might cause you to have problems.

3. Having Better Temperature Regulation

The biggest problem most people have with traditional mattresses is that they do not offer good temperature regulation. For instance, memory foam becomes incredibly hot during the night, while organic materials move moisture away from your body and help the mattress stay cold. Do not be worried, this does not mean that they will be cold during winter as well. They are able to stay warm because of the insulation abilities of the parts that make the mattress. Most people find them good for any season and room temperature.

4. Having Better Support and Comfort, As Well As Durability

You will be more comfortable and have better support with this bedding because of the materials used for creating them, as well as the design that makes it incredibly durable. You will no longer feel tired and fatigued in the morning, and your back and neck will not ache because it will support your body no matter in what position you like to sleep. This makes it perfect for children and babies as well, since they tend to toss and turn more during the night.

5. It Is Suitable For Everyone, Especially Babies

Various experts advise parents to get these beddings for their babies. To understand it better, you will need to understand organic materials better. For example, organic wool hairs can naturally crimp, which will, in a way, create a “cushion” that will soothe the baby’s body and it will also cradle the infant. As previously mentioned, it does regulate temperature well, which will allow your little one to have greater comfort – and it will also keep your child cool during the hot seasons and warm during the cold ones. These facts combined with it being a natural flame retardant and insecticide-free ensure that your baby will have a night of uninterrupted sleep.


As you were able to learn, there are various reasons why you should get an organic mattress. You will not only get a wide range of benefits including comfort, durability, better temperature regulation but these mattresses can also help you with your overall health. Hence, now that you know everything there is about these mattresses, do not waste any more time and start browsing brick-and-mortar and online businesses to find one that will fit your needs perfectly.

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