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Common Car Issues That Professionals Need to Fix

Cars aren’t perfect, and they can break down quite often. Preventing car issues is all down to maintenance and quality service. But even if you take extra-good care of your vehicle, problems will arise where taking it to a professional car mechanic is the only solution.

In this article, we are going to talk about the most common car issues that professionals need to fix. This article will talk about problems that fixing by yourself is easier said than done.

1. The Warning Lights

The warning lights are probably the most common car issue out there. American car owners, SUV owners, and truck owners all face this issue on a daily basis. The warning light goes off every time the vehicle detects a problem with the engine control unit. However, a solution to this problem is easier said than done, as these lights illuminate in more than 200 cases. Yes, there can be up to 200 problems with your engine control unit, of which most you have no idea how to fix. So, it’s considered the best practice to take your car to a professional since he has the necessary knowledge and tools to solve your problems.

2. Poor Fuel Economy

The engine consumes fuel to run the car. However, the engine is made out of dozens of parts that can further damage your economy. Some of the engine parts that can harm how much fuel your car consumers are the fuel filters, O2 sensors, mass airflow sensors, air filters, and many more. If some of these parts are worn out or have dirt in them, then they won’t be as fuel-efficient as they should. This results in your car consuming more fuel than what it should.

3. Sputter Engine

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An engine is the main component of the car. Without an engine, there would be no car. But this component must be in taken care of if you want to eliminate extra costs that would be a nightmare to pay off. Namely, the engine works best when it gets enough airflow. However, another important part is for the air and fuel to burn in the combustion chamber, properly. To make matters even more complicated, a series of fuel and ignition systems must work in accordance with one another if the engine is to work efficiently. One common problem if all these things aren’t as they should is engine misfiring. Engine misfiring is also known as a sputtering engine, and it can easily be taken care of you take it to a professional so he can replace the components, systems, and run a general diagnostics.

4. A Dead Battery

A dead battery is one of the cruelest car issues. A car battery is supposed to last for up to three years, or 50,000 miles. According to, the leading causes for the battery to die are the reduction of amps. This is caused naturally as time goes on. A battery surpassing the three-year mark is very difficult, but it can be achieved if you use alternators, temperature sensors, and other charging systems. However, it’s considered a best practice that after three years or 50,000 miles you have your battery replaced by a professional.

Car repair services are highly necessary for today’s time. Apart from providing quality repair service, they are necessary for the longevity of our vehicles. One car repair service that provides quality service is Mot Reading.

5. Flat Tire

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A flat tire is a very common issue, and probably the only issue that can be repaired by yourself. We decided to include it since it is probably the thing that every driver should be aware of. A flat tire can occur due to multiple reasons, all associated with an object puncturing your tire. However, you should also be aware that tires need rotating every 5,000 miles, as going beyond the mark drastically increases the chances of the tire flattening. However, it’s considered best practice if you take the advice from your vehicle manufacturer regarding your tires.

6. Brake Paddle Problems

Put it this way, every component of your car that performs some kind of movement tends to wear out after certain periods of time. And like any other moving component, the brake paddle is also susceptive to these problems. However, unlike other components, the brake paddle is vital to the safety of you and others on the road. Without a brake paddle, we would be in a lot of trouble. The most common car issues related to the brake paddle come in the form of squeaking, squealing, or soft touch. If this is something that you’re noticed happen to your vehicle’s brake paddle, then have a professional instantly inspect it. Squeaking and squealing are considered minor issues, while hard grinding means you should have them replaced instantly.

7. Alternator Failure

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The main component that keeps everything electrical in check once your car stars, is a component called an alternator. Namely, the alternator keeps everything electrical in check, and it is even responsible for giving your car battery a charge so it remains in peak condition. A lot of issues can occur if your alternator isn’t working. Some of the most common issues are related to the car battery itself. Namely, if the alternator doesn’t work, the car battery will wear out and die much faster. If something is wrong with your alternator, seek professional help immediately.

8. Steer Wheel Shaking

One of the most frightening issues, apart from the brake paddle, is when your steering wheel starts shaking like an earthquake. However, there can be multiple causes for a steering wheel to shake. The first cause is due to a damaged suspension component or wheel bearings. The indicator of this problem is shaking as soon as you start your car and drive off. The second cause of this problem is down to balance issues with your tires. The indicator for this problem is the shaking of the steering wheel while at high speeds.

This is yet another common car issue problem that many people experience. If this is something that has happened to you, have a professional mechanic run a diagnostics on your vehicle.

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