Where to Go in Barcelona

Encyclopedic sources report that Barcelona is not only the largest commercial and industrial center of Spain, but also one of the most popular routes among tourists from all over the world. Fans of Gaudí’s architectural heritage, gourmets of all ages, football fans passionately rooting for Barça, and adherents of active family vacations are honoring Barcelona with their attention. The capital of the Mediterranean Union is another well-deserved title of the main city of Catalonia, whose port first appeared on the world map 2000 years ago. In a word, the question of where to go in Barcelona can be easily answered by any traveler who is in anticipation of packing his bags and waiting for his flight to the capital of Catalonia and all Spanish tourism.

Barcelona parks and gardens


The most famous park in Spain in the heart of Barcelona is always full of tourists. The Güell Green Zone is famous for Gaudí’s masterpieces built by the great architect in the early 20th century. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by gingerbread houses whose roofs resemble gingerbread covered with sweet glaze. A mosaic bench, decorated with broken tiles, goes around a huge terrace, and the vaults of the hall with dozens of columns, inscribed into the hillside, are inlaid with bottles from perfume bottles.

The green hill of Tibidabo, like huge lungs, fills Barcelona with fresh air, and its visitors with peace. Tibidabo offers panoramic views of the Catalan capital, and everyone who decides to spend an active day in nature is offered the opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting basilica on the mountain and participate in the experiments of the natural science museum CosmoCaixa. An amusement park has been opened on Tibidabo, where the whole day flies unnoticed on rides of various properties.

The labyrinth of Horta is the oldest botanical garden in Barcelona. He “lit up” in the film “Perfumer”, after watching which, the world learned about a living green labyrinth with a statue of the god Eros in the center. In addition to the tangled paths in the garden, fountains, waterfalls and plants of rare species await you, and in summer musical performances take place in open areas. Also you can visit coffee shops. Check out more at

Religious buildings


Among all Barcelona sights of a religious nature, the most famous long-term construction of the planet, the Sagrada Familia, stands out. The author of her project was the great Gaudi, but even after his death the temple remains unfinished. Somewhat overshadowing other churches with its grandeur, Sagrada Familia is the first to attract the attention of tourists. However, having enjoyed the majestic spectacle, the guests of the city pay attention to other places of worship that are worth visiting when in Barcelona.

The main façade of the Catalan capital’s cathedral overlooks Plaza de la Seu. The temple is a magnificent example of the Gothic architectural style. Its construction continued from 1298 until 1420, when the cathedral was consecrated in honor of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. White geese living in the chapel at the temple were and remain a symbol of the purity of thoughts and life of the saint.

At the top of the Tibidado hill rises another neo-Gothic temple, called the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Christ. The basilica is an unusual structure: the author of the project, the architect Enrique Sagnier, placed two churches on top of each other. Climbing up to the terrace, and then to the base of the upper dome of the basilica, you can look at Barcelona from a height of half a kilometer and admire the panorama of the city and the sea.

Sights of Barcelona


In the capital of Catalonia, a huge number of architectural monuments, museums and other attractions are concentrated, for which millions of tourists fly into the city every year:

  • On the Rambla you will find the 19th century Canaletes drinking fountain. and the temple of the Mother of God of Bethlehem, built two centuries earlier; the Palace of the Vice-Queen and the Liceu Opera House; a monument to the discoverer of the New World, Christopher Columbus, and the sidewalk on the Plaza del Os, decorated with mosaics by Joan Miro.
  • The list of Antonio Gaudí’s creations is not limited to the Sagrada Familia. In Barcelona, you can go to Park Guell, where Gaudí created several pavilions and mansions, as well as admire the famous houses – Mila with bizarre balcony bars and Batllo with a “dancing” facade and multi-colored mosaics.
  • In the Gothic Quarter, your attention will definitely be attracted by the Royal Square with neoclassical mansions, the Black Cat cabaret, of which Picasso himself was a regular, and the ruins of the palace of Octavian Augustus, built a couple of millennia ago.

To the list of places worth visiting in Barcelona, you can add city museums. The collections collected in them are able to compete with those in the capital.

For example, in the Egyptian Museum, founded by Jordi Clos, the public is presented with a collection of artifacts that once belonged to pharaohs and priests. You will see sarcophagi and ancient papyri, masks and jewelry, religious accessories and household items of the Egyptians.

The museum on the territory of the monastery of Pedralbes exhibits paintings by masters of the Middle Ages and artists of the Renaissance.

The collection at the Museum of Textile and Costume History will be of interest not only to the fair sex. The process of appearance and evolution of accessories is exciting and a strong half of humanity.

And yet, men will like the Barcelona Football Club Museum more. All the awards of the legendary Barça, jerseys and boots of famous team members and videos of goals scored by players in world championships are exhibited in the halls.

Theater program


If you understand Spanish and love the theatre, Barcelona is full of exciting Catalan performance experiences.

The basis of the repertoire of the National Theater of Catalonia is Spanish drama and, a little less often, world classics. On small stages, of which there are several in the theater, you can watch black-and-white films or modernist performances.

The troupe of the Lliur theater prefers its own reading of classical plays, and therefore its performances often puzzle the viewer, accustomed to the strict canons of dramaturgy. In Lliur, you can listen to classical music concerts and watch dance performances by a well-known troupe that promotes modern choreography.

Barcelona for children


The capital of Catalonia is ideal for a family holiday, and Barcelona vacations will certainly be remembered by young tourists. For starters, you should go to the Aquarium, where an 80-meter-long glass tunnel with sharks and rays is laid through the water column. Smaller fish splash in mini-aquaria, and in total 14 ecosystems are reproduced in the marine center, representing different climatic zones and seas of the planet. Looking for a coffee shop barcelona? Visit our website to learn more about such beautieful place.

The second popular object where you can go with children in Barcelona is the city zoo. Dolphin shows are regularly held there, and all the inhabitants of the park live in spacious enclosures that optimally correspond to the natural habitats of animals.

The Chocolate Museum was founded by the Guild of Confectioners, placing an exhibition in a former convent. Strict walls did not prevent the sweet story from being brought to life: after examining the collection, you will learn absolutely everything about the process of making chocolate! After the tour, the kid can be pleased with gatherings in the museum cafe, where the exhibits turn into delicacies.

Following all the children’s trails in the Catalan capital, head to PortAventura, the country’s largest amusement park. The journey will take about two hours, but the time spent will more than pay off with a sea of delight and positive emotions.

Shopaholics take note


The popular department store El Corte Ingles has several branches in Barcelona in different parts of the city. You can go to any of them if you need high-quality clothes of European brands. Especially fashionable brands are presented in pompous boutiques on Gracia Boulevard, and Spanish fashion designers’ goods are on Rambla de Catalunya.

Another large shopping center, Bulevard Rosa, is the center of expensive brands and products in the “expensive-rich” style. In Maremagnum near the monument to Columbus, on the contrary, interesting things are presented at affordable prices.

A wide selection of gastronomic delicacies awaits tourists at the Bokeria food market, which has existed on the square of the same name since at least the 13th century. In the Boqueria stalls you will find the best Iberian jamon, fresh olive oil and excellent Spanish cheeses.

Tasty points on the map


The cult of food is about Barcelona and you definitely cannot stay hungry in the city of the best paella in the world. Where to go for dinner to get a lot of positive impressions? There are addresses that are passed to each other by experienced travelers with wishes for a pleasant appetite:

  • If you’ve been dreaming of trying the blue oyster soup called The Sea Within, Michelin-starred Alkimia is for you. The chef is young but very ambitious in his pursuit of fame, which is quite beneficial to the cuisine and the status of the restaurant.
  • Another author’s cuisine with a sea touch is offered to guests at Enoteca at the Arts Hotel. A special advantage of the institution is dishes from sea urchins and a menu based on white truffle. The seasoning is the panoramic view of Barcelona.
  • Where to get acquainted with traditional and simple Catalan food? Try to book a table at Llamber in the Born district. The popularity of this restaurant among local residents is a clear sign that they love and know how to cook in it.

By the way, queues at restaurants are quite common in Barcelona. If you come across a similar establishment on your way and not only tourists, but also the Catalans themselves crowd in front of the entrance, be sure that you can look further, but you should not waste precious time on this.

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