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Having Trouble With Pests – Main Types And How To Prevent Infestations

Ever felt hungry late at night, but it is too late for cooking a big lunch and too early to have a healthy breakfast. So you decide to go into the kitchen and fix yourself a quick snack on the go. However, you realize that you are not alone and that there is a pest in the kitchen.

Kitchens can be pretty vulnerable to pest infestations. Consider all the hiding spots you can find in a typical kitchen. Not only are these unsightly and unpleasant visitors, but they can also pose a serious health risk to you, your family, customers or staff. And consider what kind of damage they can do to your brand and reputation.

So what are the main types of pests you can encounter in the kitchen and how you can prevent infestations?


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Ants can be a tricky pest infestation to control because of their small size. They are able to get access to the kitchen through tiny openings and cracks, in their search for food or shelter. Dealing with ants is like dealing with most pests. According to, it is a two-step process. First, remove the source of the problem and then prevent it from ever re-occurring.

If ants are crawling around your kitchen you will need to track them down to find their source colony. You should also find out where they are gaining access to your kitchen, and seal up all the vulnerable crevices and gaps. You can also use insecticide and baits to eliminate them.

As when dealing with other types of pests, you will need to implement a strict cleaning process in the kitchen to reduce the risks of an infestation. Food on the ground, under the fridge and next to the garbage can, can attract ants or other pests and must be removed immediately.

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The constant buzzing of flies in the kitchen can be pretty annoying while you are cooking or eating. Apart from the irritating buzzing noise, flies can spread bacteria, germs, and pathogens on surfaces they land on. They could spread salmonella, resulting in food poisoning.

Because of their size, it can be pretty difficult to prevent flies from entering your kitchen. You can use a fly screen to reduce the risk of entering. However, you should also reduce the attraction for flies by removing any food or liquids lying around the kitchen. Remove any rubbish and clean up any spills as fast as possible.

Rats or mice

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A kitchen can provide mice and rats with plenty of liquid, food, and shelter. Once they show up in your kitchen, they can cause health risks by spearing bacteria, pathogens, and germs, resulting in serious sickness. Their droppings also pose a serious risk, so if you spot mice or rat droppings in your kitchen, make sure you take action immediately. Rodents can enter your kitchen through drains, vents, holes, and gaps in walls or ceiling.

Cleanliness and tidiness are essential if you want to avoid pest infestation. If you find evidence of rodents, setup baits or traps to catch them.

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