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The most reliable guide to traveling to Egypt

Egypt was once the most popular destination in the world, everyone wanted to go there, and there was a reason for that. Then a bad fortune befalls on this magnificent country and a political outburst happened. But now almost a decade passed and Egypt is striving to once again be that peaceful country, and people are again rushing to visit it. More stable times are here and you need to visit the outstanding monuments of Giza, Luxor, and Aswan, and visit the unbelievable and hectic Cairo.

Find a date, book the flight and pack your bags because you are going to Egypt, and we are going to help you and plan a bit instead of you where you should go and what sites you should visit while there.

When in Cairo

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The city is pretty hectic so you should find a place or a hotel where it’s peaceful, so you can rest a bit from the chaos. And the riverbank located hotels are great for that. You should visit the Islamic quarter and the Khan el-Khalili bazaar.  Of course, make one day totally free so you can take a day-trip to Giza to see the last surviving wonder of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Great Sphinx.

In 2024 it is scheduled for the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza to open, so put that on your list also. The museum is huge, designed as a recumbent pyramid of glass, stone, and steel, so big that even the 39-foot-tall colossus of Ramses II can easily fit in. The new museum is located near the ancient Pyramids, so maybe that’s the reason why it looks how it looks, trying to mimic the old times. This museum will hold some of the most precious pieces of Egypt’s art and history, you need to visit it.

Aswan and Luxor

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To have a real authentic journey in this majestic country you should cruise the Nile. You should experience all the things that you have been reading when you were little or the things that you have watched in movies. A cruise down the Nile can begin either in Aswan or Luxor, both are great and both are just a short flight from the capital Cairo. But we must say that we recommend you to sail out of Aswan because it allows you to see the sites in the order they were built, and from this point, the availability is better. The cruises stop near many ancient sites, like the Nubian Museum, the High Dam, and the Philae Temple. You should visit the Unfinished Obelisk, Edfu, and Kom Ombo. If you want to know more about tours here you should visit You should spend a day visiting the Valley of the Kings, the Luxor Temple and the Valley of the Queens, where you can see the tomb of Queen Nefertari.

What tours to choose?

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If you ever were afraid and you didn’t know will you be able to manage everything by yourself, don’t be and don’t think about it? Why? Because you don’t need to do anything by yourself, you just need to figure out what do you want to visit and what do you want to see. See what kind of trip do you want, what kind of pace it should be and someone else will do everything else for you.

There are pre-arranged tours or you can choose a custom Egypt tour. Everything also depends on your budget, some tours are budget-friendly and everyone can afford them, and others are luxury tours and they are something special, but they are also very expensive.

Just remember if you have little time don’t try to pack everything on this trip, see only the things that are the most interesting to you, because otherwise you will be overwhelmed and you are risking to spoil your journey.

To visit all the popular and top places you will need ten days minimum. If you have some days to spare you can squeeze into a trip to the desert or even to the Red Sea Riviera, a very popular vacation destination on Egypt’s eastern coast. If you have even more time to visit Lake Nasser, you can sail along this lake to Abu Simbel and see some interesting sites on the island that spread out along the lake. From here you can return to Luxor, and go back to Cairo, we recommend you if you have time to go there by train.

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If you have more than ten days, and more than two weeks to explore this interesting country, you will be able to visit everything and even do some extra things. There are many tours that are great for those with adventurous souls, like driving tours, felucca sailing adventures, 4×4 trip into a desert oasis, and many more. When you have more time between the trip from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan, you should visit some unique sites like Siwa, Dakhla and its Roman Temples, the Bahariya Oasis, and the Kharga Oasis. If you plan to go from Luxor on your cruise down the Nile you can make stops at Edfu, Kom Ombo and sail into Aswan.

Maybe you are not a history fanatic but you would love to experience Egypt, then you should go to the Red Sea, there you can enjoy swimming, relaxing and scuba diving, and from there you can go on a trip to the desert and even to Giza, but you should know that it’s a long journey. Staying at one of the great all-inclusive hotels at Red Sea Riviera is perfect for those that are on honeymoons or just romantic getaways, and vacations.

When should I visit Egypt?

Whenever you like. Yes, you can visit it at any time. If you want to escape the cold winter of your hometown and country or you want to spend your summer vacation, or even for the Easter holidays, Egypt is waiting for you. Just plan everything ahead so you don’t encounter any problems on your trip. You deserve to enjoy your trip, to absorb all of the knowledge and beauty this country has to offer you.

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