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12 Best Car GPS Trackers – A Buying Guide For 2024

When you think about it closely, it was essentially impossible to find a stolen car a few years back. However, with all the advancements in technology, those days are long gone. Global positioning system or as it is more commonly referred to as GPS has transformed the security of our vehicles within a few months of it being released.

Today, these systems became an essential part of keeping our automobiles secured – and besides it securing your automobile, it also allows you to trace it from your smartphone whenever you want. Of course, there are thousands of devices on the market today, which means that it is not easy to choose on.

But, fear not, this article can help you with choosing the right one for you by allowing you to check different features of the best GPS systems and provider out there. Let’s take a look at the 12 best GPS devices:

1. Kent CamEye

This unique security system for automobiles works in real-time, which means that you can easily follow the routes you or someone else takes. It literally records everything that is going on in and out of the car, just like a CCTV camera would. Besides that, Kent CamEye can actually stream live videos by both cameras, which you can check no matter where you are.

Some of the most interesting features of this device are the utilization of a high-speed network, which means that it can easily transfer and store the data for up to 90 days. It also has an AI smart alert that detects an unknown driver. This GPS allows you to control everything from your smartphone and it also turns on the stealth mode if a person is not recognized. It is also easy to install, which is why a lot of people love it. If you want to see additional details about this particular tracker, you can visit for additional info.

2. Acumen UC 900

This device has some incredible features that a lot of users love including a 24/7 surveillance of the location of the auto, as well as the speed that it is moving at, it will trigger an anti-theft alarm that notifies you if someone steals it, and it will allow you to turn off the engine by using your smartphone.

3. Autowiz GPS – Plug Play

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Yet another excellent choice, this device supports a wide range of Indian languages. Some of the distinctive features include an alarm system that notifies you when someone starts the engine, you can find out where your auto is in real-time that is updated every 5 seconds, and one of the best features is the notifications you’ll get if there are any problems with your engine, coolant, or battery.

4. SAM Security

Now, if you are looking for additional features besides keeping your vehicle safe, you can opt for this GPS that will allow you to see the total traveled distance, run time, speed, and idle time. Also, you can set a geofence, which means that you will get a message if it goes outside the safe zone that you set on a map.

5. Sana GPS

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This particular system comes with some features that are not included in regular systems including a huge battery back-up of 700mah, tampering with the device will set off an alarm, it will trace the location and speed of your car, it allows geofencing, and you’ll be able to see everything by using your smartphone.

6. Akari

This device has fewer features than other ones on this list, however, it is quite suitable for people who want to follow the movement of their car at all times. The system provides a detailed list of the travel history, it has a real-time location checker, and you can see the entire travel history by day, as well as the min and max speed, fuel consumption, and so on.

7. StreetSmart System

If you want a device that will help you with getting around easily, as well as one that can help you if any problems occur, you should definitely opt for this one. Of course, it will track the location and speed, however, it will also monitor the condition of the engine and battery, and how much fuel is consumed. Additionally, you can get roadside assistance from ziccom if there you find yourself in an accident or if you have problems with your engine or battery.

8. ZAICUS ST-901 Tracker

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Like all the other systems on this list, it will also protect your car from theft by sending you notifications and tracking your vehicle in real-time. However, it offers more features that you might find interesting. For starters, you can see the past location and get all the reports in either PDF or XLS format, and it can support multiple monitoring devices at once.

What makes this tracker distinctive is that it has an accident detection technology that can detect an accident and notify the authorities – which is quite important and useful if you cannot call the emergency services by yourself.

9. YATHABI Tracking System

This unique tracker gets rid of the installation process because it does not come with any wires, which means that it can be plugged in. It is quite simple to use it and you can plug it into your car after inserting a 2G sim card. It can track the vehicle, from multiple devices, which makes it convenient for trucks as well, and as previously mentioned it is easy to install. It can also update you on the location of your vehicle every minute.

10. MasTracker GPS

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Now, this device can also be referred to as your own auto mechanic because it comes with a wide range of features that can and will remind you about maintenance, low battery and/or fuel, and it will also notify you if there are any problems with your vehicle. One of the features that a lot of individuals love is that it includes a 1-year premium service for real-time tracking with updates every minute. It also does not need a program to work, which means that it is compatible with most devices connected to the Internet.

11. MOTOsafety System

This is, perhaps, one of the best devices that you can get and it comes with a few characteristics including monitoring all the driving activities accurately by using a live map, you can track it by a smartphone app, and it comes with geofencing, hence, you’ll be notified if it exits the safe zones. Additionally, it is extremely easy to install it since you’ll only need to plug it in.

12. ABLEGRID Trackers


One of the major advantages of opting for this device is that it comes with a giant battery of 3300mAh. However, despite having a huge battery, it can be easily transported. Like all the devices on this list, it provides real-time location and it can save travel information, the battery can work for more than 2 weeks, it has frequent updates, which means that you’ll get the best service possible, and it comes with a magnet, hence, you can attach it under your vehicle.


There is one thing that you should remember – if you are a car owner, but you cannot determine which GPS is best for you, it is wiser to go for the one that is most reliable and popular. Also, if you want the best customer service and brand value that you can entirely trust, you should definitely consider one that is on this list.

With an increase in car theft, it has become critically important for you to properly secure your car with a good and high-quality GPS tracker. We have listed 12 of them in the article above, however, you should know that it might be a little bit difficult to choose a specific one. However, by checking and comparing all of their features, you can decide which one would be best for your needs and requirements.

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