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6 Ways Businesses are Helping the Environment

As the climate crisis becomes ever more evident, it’s essential we take all means necessary to protect the environment and prevent any further pollution. From reducing energy consumption to using raw materials and minimizing waste, it’s key that large and small businesses across the world do all they can to help the environment. Many companies have pledged to help plant more trees and some are completely redesigning their packaging in order to be more ethically and environmentally friendly. Creating a business that puts the planet first is the way to long-term success. Through investing in renewable energy and cost-effective options you can reduce the price spent on things that would typically harm our earth.

Interested in finding out the various ways that businesses are helping the environment? Some of these ideas are super smart and worth trying, even if you’re only a start-up company with limited capital. After all, a business that starts with the plant in mind is sure to last longer than one that doesn’t consider the impact on the environment at all.

Invest in renewable energy

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Cars and trucks release a large number of emissions into the air which can be damaging both long and short term on our health and many other things too. However, if you’re able to, it’s worth seeing the renewable sources available to you. It may be something as small as installing smart bulbs in your office space, or maybe sustainable office chairs and desks. An example of a company that is considering our world is Truckcraft Bodies. They are a haulage fleet and transport company who are aiming to reduce fuel emissions by using solar technology with their truck bodies. It’s refreshing to see a larger business focus on solar technology and make the most of their voice as an established brand too.

Let employees work from home

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While there may be some employees who cycle or walk to work, you will find the majority drive and sometimes they will get the bus or train. However, companies are starting to allow their employees to work from home as it means less impact on their environment. Plus, there is research to suggest that employees are happier and more productive if they work from home. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation for both the company, employee and the environment too.


Unfortunately, it’s still common for office buildings to have no recycling bins insight. This sort of mindset is damaging to our environment and the planet in general. Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce waste like so many great things can come of it. It may be that you request a recycling bin to be put into your warehouse or office. However, you could go one step further and make products from these plastics and recyclables!

Reduce paper waste

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In an office environment, it’s always the case that paper gets shredded and thrown away. Why does this need to happen? The simple answer is that it doesn’t need too. Instead, go paperless! If you’re still relying on paper-based processes, then you’re most likely harming the planet and are going to scare off any millennial employees and the planet is the most important thing. Plus, with the advances in technology, there are no excuses to be using paper when there is practically an internet application for everything now.

Embrace plants

Not only are there countless studies suggesting that indoor office plants improve the quality of employee health and productivity, but it’s also pleasing on the eye. Have a look around and shop for some indoor plants that could add a lot to your office space. They’re beautiful and great for the environment, plus they will significantly improve the quality of oxygen in your office.

Provide a water fountain or filter

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For many of us, our first choice of beverage is water. However, when businesses fail to provide water, employees have to resort to plastic water bottles which take hundreds of years to decompose. While you can offer recycling bins, investing in a water fountain or filter is a lot less hassle is a lot better for the environment too. Always remember the key rules for protecting our planet, the essential one is reuse – reuse your bottles and try when you can to use one that is good for the earth too. Plastic water bottles reused may seem like you’re doing good but the chemicals they’re made with can cause serious damage to our health if they’re reused too much. Plus, who doesn’t love cold water from a filter? It’s the definition of perfection!

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