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An Ultimate Guide For Understanding Meditation

If you are amongst people all the time, you might hear a lot of them talking about meditation. And, if you think about it closely, you can find it everywhere, from posts on social media platforms to books and television. Now, if you are new to the meditation world, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information you read about it – and, that is completely normal.
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The article below will feature everything that you should know about meditation including what it is, the benefits you can gain, some techniques you should try, as well as smartphone applications that you should try. Hopefully, it will make the entire concept easier to comprehend. Let’s take a closer look:

What is it?

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You will be able to find a wide range of definitions online, however, to put it simply, meditation is when a person engages in mental exercises that will help them focus on their breathing in order to reach a new level of spiritual awareness. Hence, it is the act of breathing, reflecting, and taking some time to quiet your thoughts and mind. This can be done by simple breathing exercises or combined with other activities such as yoga.

How Long Should The Exercise Last?

Now, this is a bit tricky. Each person has specific goals that they want to achieve, why they started practicing it, as well as what they believe meditation can help them with. Hence, this means that someone might be comfortable with several minutes, while other people might be comfortable practicing it for an hour or two. The most important thing you should remember is to start slowly and be patient with your progression over time.

What Are The Benefits I Can Get?

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Firstly, it is worth mentioning that the full extent of health benefits meditation can bring you is still being studied by various experts. However, there are some known health benefits that people can get and these benefits include:

You Can Reduce Stress

It is important to know that a lower amount of stress is actually good for us – it can push us to do better, continue what we started, and it can help us get up and going. But, if the levels are higher, which is what most women experience these days, it can be devastating for both our minds and bodies.

If you want to meditate, you will need to implement some breathing exercises in your routine. And, by doing so, you will be able to quiet your mind, as well as get rid of all the negative thoughts that actually create the stress we might be feeling. So, this means that breathing is the key to everything.

It Can Protect People From Cardiovascular Illnesses

There were various studies conducted on how meditation can hinder the development of heart disease. There was one particular study that showed that meditation reduces the c-reactive protein amount, which can, in fact, help heart diseases from developing. Hence, meditating is a good way to prevent these illnesses and it can also help with high blood pressure.

It Can Boost The Immune System

Practicing mindfulness can also improve the immune system. The study that was previously mentioned also concluded that morning meditation can help with lowering the gene response that causes inflammation – which is a part of the immune system. So, by meditating, people can actually improve their immune systems. If you want to see the best morning meditation techniques you can try, find out more here.

How Should I Start?

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It is actually quite simple to start meditating – all you will need to do to get started is sitting in a quiet, comfortable place from one to ten minutes every day, close your eyes, and breath. Once you get comfortable with that, you can extend the time as you see fit. Also, if you are someone who likes moving while they are performing breathing exercises, you can also try yoga.

Now, the most important thing that you should remember is that you should start slow, without overwhelming your mind and body. This will make the whole process easier and more successful. The things you should focus on is to make the room as quiet as you can, find a relaxing place where you can sit, breathe in five times, and breath out five times. You should repeat the process for five rounds, totaling one minute.

Should I Meditate Before or After Meals?

The best time to meditate is on an empty stomach. If you go through the process while you digest the meal you ate, you might fall asleep since the energy will be consumed during the digestion. However, if you do not have time to practice meditation before eating, it is okay to do it after as well. But, you will want to sit upright without your back being supported.

Are There Smartphone Apps That I Can Use?

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Similarly to everything else in life, there are also smartphone applications that can help you with your everyday routine. The apps that you might want to consider include:

  1. The Mindfulness App (Free With Optional In-App Purchases) – if you are just starting out, this app might be able to help you quite a lot. It is basically a guide for introducing and practicing mindfulness. It is also time-guided or silent, and you can set a timer that will fit your lifestyle.
  2. Headspace (Free With Optional In-App Purchases) – this app will help you with a wide range of mindfulness techniques and it will also allow you to find balance and calmness in everything you do. It also offers users a chance to personalize their plans, meaning that you will be able to learn the basics from this app.
  3. Calm (Free With Optional In-App Purchases) – you have probably seen a lot of sponsored posts on Instagram about this app and to be honest, it does deserve all the attention. It offers people breathing exercises that will help you relax. What is even better about it is that it also has plans for children, hence, you can try it out with them as well.


As you can see, there are various things meditation can bring you. Besides the obvious health benefits, it will also help you with overcoming stressful situations and problems in your life. So, now that you know everything there is about meditation, do not waste any more time, and start creating a routine that you will go through every day!

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