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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Environmental Impact of Garage Sales

With an increasing global awareness of the environment, more people are adopting eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. An often overlooked but valuable approach to sustainable living is hosting or shopping at garage sales. Garage sales, when properly implemented, act as a form of recycling, making them an essential part …

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6 Ways Businesses are Helping the Environment

As the climate crisis becomes ever more evident, it’s essential we take all means necessary to protect the environment and prevent any further pollution. From reducing energy consumption to using raw materials and minimizing waste, it’s key that large and small businesses across the world do all they can to …

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Flutelope, The New Plastic Free Envelope Choice For The Planet

Back in the 1950s, when the world’s population was around 2.5 billion, we were globally producing around 1.5 million tons of plastic that year. Our population has now grown to over 7 billion, and we are now producing a staggering 320 million tons of plastic per year. 8 million tons …

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