4 Video Marketing Tips to Boost Your Company’s Profitability

Running a company and being in charge of everyone and everything it make sit run is no easy task. It is often thought that those in charge work less than others, but the reality is that they have the most to worry about. Any successful company cares about its profitability. If it is not satisfactory and if there are losses, it means things are not working out. If the operations are not at optimal levels and if the efficiency is down, it will be easy to spot it due to the lower income. This is exactly what everything seems to be revolving around profitability and money. It may seem superficial to say so, but it is all about business in the end especially for those on top.

Marketing and Profitability

The best way to boost the profitability of a company is not always that easy to identify however. There are many situations in which operations are running at optimal levels, where the workforce is satisfied and well-paid, and where other conditions like safety and management are great. And yet, the profitability is not that great. Why is this the case, we hear you ask. Well, if everything else is up to speed but there is still no money to go around, it has to be the marketing approach. In the modern world, marketing is all around us and the biggest companies spend billions on keeping their brand image alive through elaborate marketing campaigns. The thing that draws in most attention in the 21st century are certainly videos, which is why video marketing makes the most sense.

Modern Times and Visuals


For a long while now, especially in terms of modern technology and how quickly it changes, the video format has been the king of popular media. If you think about it, we consume videos like never before. It does not even make sense how much people watch every minute of the day. The video format began with silent movies, reached astronomical heights during the golden age of Hollywood, and is now among the most profitable parts of entertainment. Thanks to technological advancements like the internet, we now have streaming, on-demand content, video-sharing platforms, and many other things that have video material in its core.

For marketing purposes this situation is perfect, but only those who realize it can benefit. In order for you to become one of them and turn your company’s profits for the better, you have to know more about video marketing. In this article we talk more about it and bring to you the most important tips that will help you boost the profitability of your company. Read on to learn more so that you can finally elevate your business to new heights and overtake the competition.

1. The Right Production Company

There can be no video marketing unless you have the right kind of help on your side. When quality video content is concerned, the expert help you need comes in the form of an experienced and skillful production company. Everyone needs marketing, and most want video marketing to share the story of who they are and what it is they do. But nobody can do it right unless they employ the right help. This is why you will need professional help from a team that has seen it all and knows how to produce exactly what you envisioned. The first step is to find the right production company, and the rest is easy. Check out to learn more.

2. Get Social


Professional-grade videos are not the only thing you can have. Not at all. While it is a sizable operation and an expensive endeavor to undertake, it is necessary. However, you can do so much in the meantime, as well as after. Smaller video productions that you can do on your own can be enough to give you incredible reach and draw in a large crowd through your doors. We live in the age of information where social media is very important, and more importantly free. With a company account on video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, you will more easily get your name and idea out there for everyone to see. Interaction with the followers and subscribers is how you get potential customers. Fun, educational, and informative content is how you will make them return. Social media also keeps the brand relevant and a part of the wider public consciousness.

3. Know the Stats

Having information on your side is always a good step towards becoming better no matter what you do. If you are to employ videos and use them in your marketing campaign, you have to know the statistics related to how big and important they are right now. First of all, around 92% marketers confirm that videos in their marketing strategy plays the most important role. Over 78% of people from the developed world where the internet, mobiles, and computers are standard watch videos weekly. More than half, 55%, watch them each day. Out of 10 people, 6 would rather watch something on the web and TV instead of read or listen. Learning about products or services through videos is immensely popular, since 72% of customers prefer it. YouTube is second only to Google as the most popular website right now. This is backed up by the fact that 92% of users share with others through their mobile phones after watching. If you need further persuasion, know that more than 59% of executives prefer video formats over text.

4. Different Video Types


Lastly, you should know there are different types of videos to give your users, all of which have their part to play. Educational videos come as tutorial, explainer, and industry update videos, all pretty self-explanatory and standard. Product videos are either used to launch a product, a very common occurrence these days, or as product demo videos where the users can see how it works. Company culture videos feature employees talking about their workplace, products, and services. They can also double as event videos that shows teams working together and just doing their daily tasks.

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