5 Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Lounger

Are you thinking of purchasing a lounger for your baby?

If yes, you need to consider a few crucial points when buying one. But before that, let’s understand what a baby lounge is!

Designed as a cushion to provide pertinent support to the babies, a pillow is ideal for playtime, tummy time, and, most importantly, nursing. Nowadays, people are extensively using loungers as they offer a safe and snuggly place for the kid to sit while you can relax. As this specially designed pillow with a central groove is highly secure, mothers can use it to spend time with their offspring without holding, performing household chores, and traveling as well.

However, as there are a sea of kid loungers available in the market, it can become frustrating at times to pick one. So, let us help you choose the perfect lounger for your baby to wiggle while staying protected from falling or rolling over.

1. Suitable Size


When picking up a pillow for your baby, don’t forget to consider their age and size. As the size of this pillow varies wildly, depending on an infant’s age, this one is a crucial point. Besides, all the babies also grow at a different rate.

While some models may be appropriate for newborns, some are built for older babies. The most notable difference between the two loungers is their bottom. While baby pillows usually feature a closed bottom so that the infant doesn’t slip, toddler pillows have an open base because they prefer moving around. For buying an ideal lounge, don’t forget to visit

With that being said, it is essential to note that nowadays, many brands are introducing pillows that babies can use from infancy to their toddler years (usually the age of 3). It eradicates the need for parents to invest thousands on an infant and then on a bigger one suitable for toddlers.

Today, brands are launching loungers that can be modified to fit infants and toddlers. So, we suggest you do thorough research before investing heavy bucks on a quality product.

2. Comfortable Fabric

When it comes to babies, you can never be too careful. While not placing too many stuffed toys inside the crib, to ensuring that there are enough to make the baby feel safe; from ensuring that the size of the lounger is big enough to let the kid move to ensure that it is not too big to let it slip out, there are a hell lot of things to keep in mind.

When buying a lounger, the fabric is a significant point. As your child will come in direct contact with the product’s material, it must be built of quality, safe, and soft. If you step into the market, you will quickly locate products made up of polyester. While it is generally a safe material, it is not an ideal pick if your baby is allergic to synthetic.

If your kid has sensitive skin, we suggest you pick a pillow constructed of cotton (organic). It is eco-friendly and does not include any toxic chemicals harmful to a kid’s skin. But remember that organic items are usually expensive.

3. Breathable Material


Making sure that the material of the lounger is breathable is one of the essential points to take into account when purchasing one. When your baby is fast asleep, the material should allow the air to flow, preventing the infant from getting too hot. If the air remains stuck for a long time, it is risky for the kid and might even make them cranky because of all the sweat.

If the material is made up of breathable fabric, your infant can also sleep on its stomach without causing a fuss. That’s why it is recommended to pick a pillow with air circulation and removable and machine washable covers to put in through a wash cycle if your baby has a diaper accident!

4. Traveling Relief

The perfect lounger is lightweight, allowing you to carry it hassle-free from place to place with a baby inside. To ensure that the model you’re investing in is ideal, make sure it has a strap to put on the shoulder, is lightweight, and comes with a carrying bag for ease of handling during travel.

5. Additional Features


Some extra features you must look for in a lounger:

  • Pillows that can double as a bassinet – a bed and a table.
  • Items that can fold and zip up conveniently for traveling.
  • Pads with toy arches to let your infant play while lying.

How to Ensure Safety of Your Baby While Using a Lounger?

A majority of the new parents are not aware of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), a condition that may occur because of unsafe sleeping practices of the baby. People usually don’t consider that proper sleeping posture is essential for infants. The best place for them to sleep is none other than a crib while lying on the back.

But, there shouldn’t be anything else besides the lounger in the crib that could pose a threat. Some people put stuffed toys and unnecessary pillows in the crib, which only causes breathing issues in the baby.

Although your little bundle of joy might find the lounger the comfiest, leaving them in it without any supervision is unsafe. It means that you can’t leave them in it if you’re going to bed. But you can leave them in it during the day, under watchful eyes, as it is vital to give your baby enough tummy time to develop their motor skills.

Final Words

For new parents, it is vital to understand the importance of a lounger in their baby’s life. If you want your offspring to give you company while you practice everyday routine, we suggest you invest in one. While you can put them on the couch, a pillow makes sure that your little bundle of joy does not roll out and falls during the few seconds you move your eyes away!

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