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Why Valorant Could be the Biggest Game Release of the Decade

Valorant is getting closer to its official launch, and people are already itching to get their hands on Riot’s first-person tactical shooter. More importantly, the experts at TopGamersGuide have several reasons to believe that Valorant could be one of, if not THE biggest game release of the Decade. Let’s take a closer look at why this would be the case for Valorant!

Valorant Already Has a Good Online Community

One of the things that greatly contribute to the success of a game is the community. Fortunately, Valorant has already fostered a sizeable online community. It’s more than just the size of a group; it’s also about how this community is all over the Web, guaranteeing the game significant online presence has all that you need to rank higher in the game.

The game already has dozens of community pages on Facebook, even for countries that aren’t even part of the closed beta test phase. Dedicated video game forums frequently have threads discussing the future of the game. Valorant’s subreddit currently has over 300,000 members, and it’s bound to get bigger when the game launches. Valorant even set a record on Twitch for having the most viewers during the first day of its closed beta phase with more than 1 million views!

There’s Already a Solid Meta

Today’s biggest competitive games are defined by having a well-established meta. However, most games have a rather sketchy meta during their early days. Take Riot’s own MOBA for example; League of Legends had no clear “optimal” team composition for an entire season. It took Fnatic to win the first World Championship before the 1-1-2 Jungle composition became the standard of competitive play.

Valorant seems to have a great start with a sound meta as early as the closed beta phase. Champions like Sage and Brimstone are already stapled picks, while other Agents have clearly defined offensive or defensive niches. Furthermore, the weapon tier list has been consistent since the first week of the closed beta, with guns like the Vandal, Phantom, Ghost, and Operator being the cornerstone picks for both high and low-level competitive play. If you want to improve your skills and learn more about this game, we recommend checking best mobile games guide.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

Valorant introduces innovative gameplay mechanics that set it apart from other shooters. The unique abilities of each agent add a strategic layer to the game, encouraging teamwork and tactical planning.

This isn’t just about shooting; it’s about using your abilities in smart ways to gain an advantage over the enemy team. From Sova’s reconnaissance to Viper’s area control, these abilities offer a fresh take on the first-person shooter genre, appealing to players who seek depth in gameplay. This blend of traditional shooting with magical abilities creates a dynamic gaming experience that keeps players engaged.

Regular Content Updates and Developer Support

Riot Games is known for its commitment to keeping its games fresh with regular updates, and Valorant is no exception. Since its beta phase, Valorant has received continuous content updates, including new agents, maps, and game modes, which keeps the game exciting and players coming back for more.

Furthermore, the developers actively engage with the community, taking feedback and making adjustments to balance gameplay and enhance the overall experience. This level of support and dedication to improvement signals a long-term investment in the game’s future, making it more appealing to both casual and competitive players.

Global Esports Infrastructure

Riot Games’ experience in building a successful esports ecosystem with League of Legends positions Valorant to become a major player in the esports arena. With plans to develop a robust competitive scene, including tournaments and leagues, Valorant is set to offer players and fans a world-class esports experience.

This infrastructure not only attracts top talent from other games but also provides opportunities for new players to rise to prominence. The potential for international tournaments and large prize pools further solidifies Valorant’s place in the competitive gaming world.

Cross-Platform Potential

While currently available on PC, the potential for Valorant to expand to consoles and mobile devices could drastically increase its player base. Cross-platform play is becoming more common and desired among gamers, allowing friends to play together regardless of their preferred platform.

By tapping into this wider market, Valorant could enhance its accessibility and appeal, making it a ubiquitous title in the gaming community. This expansion could also introduce new gameplay dynamics and strategies, keeping the game fresh and engaging for a broader audience.

Strong Anti-Cheat Measures

Riot Games has made a significant effort to combat cheating in Valorant, implementing their anti-cheat software, Vanguard. This proactive stance on maintaining a fair playing field is crucial for both casual play and the integrity of the competitive scene. Cheating can quickly ruin the gaming experience and deter players from investing time into the game.

By prioritizing security and fair play, Valorant builds trust with its community, ensuring that players can focus on skill and strategy. This commitment to a cheat-free environment is essential for the game’s longevity and success.

It Builds on the Success of Other Popular Esports Titles

Some may think that being a completely original game is good, especially for a new IP. While Valorant is a completely different IP, it’s not really an original thing. In fact, we think that a big part of Valorant’s success comes from how well they adapted elements from other games that have proven to work, similar to how Apex and Fortnite rose to popularity by taking cues from PUBG.

Riot took the class-based gameplay from Overwatch, which gave us Valorant’s agents. For the gunplay and match format, they borrowed ideas from Counter-strike: Global offensive. Last but not least, the ranking system is heavily-based on League of Legend’s current ranking system. Instead of having a new IP struggling to find its foundations early on, it’s starting with a tried-and-tested design that would only need smaller tweaks to improve in the future.

It’s Accessible

One thing that Valorant and other big Esports titles have in common is accessibility. Sure, you can have an awesome game. However, if it has a high price tag, you limit the number of people that can enjoy it. Valorant is free to play, so people will be more likely to pick the game up. Aside from being free, the game also has relatively low system requirements. Therefore, even users with low-end setups will still be able to play the game.Valorant being free-to-play will also affect its competitive scene. A game that has a high barrier to entry won’t drum up a lot of interest among an audience that can’t play it. Players get to understand the game by playing it firsthand. Because of this, pro matches will be easier to follow and highlights have a bigger impact.

It’s Not Even Released!

If you were reading this and you don’t know about Valorant, you’d probably assume that we were talking about a freshly-released game. However, the fact that Valorant is still in its closed beta makes all of this an even bigger deal. Picture that: you have a game with a big fanbase, an established meta, and enough hype that people are already talking about it like it’s up there with the big Esports titles. Instead, you have a game that isn’t even publicly available yet outside of special invites and limited Twitch Key drops.

So try out Valorant and develop good teamwork skills cause you’ll need them!

Valorant is a game with so much potential that it’s even making waves in the professional gaming community. Top players like Sinatra (Overwatch) and Pyth (CSGO) from other FPS titles have quit their respective games to become one of Valorant’s pioneer pro gamers. Outside the pro scene, prominent streamers have already added Valorant to their list of go-to titles in order to get more views.


This wraps up our talk about how Valorant could be the biggest game release of the decade. Do you think there are other things that can help make Valorant’s launch even more successful? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comments section!

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