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Valorant – a Competitive gaming Phenomenon to Discover

LOL’ follow-up by Riot Games deserving to wait.

There is no doubt, there are a lot of things to adore about Valorant, shooter that is based on team gaming, from RG — at least it already operates in real life.
It’s another remarkable game by Riot Games. The League of Legends was the first one made by these American developers (programmers released it in 2009), and it launched the present-day cybersport epoch and called the worldwide famous computer game for a while. During the beta, Valorant seems to grow into a competitive Phenom in the gaming industry in place that was created by legacy.

There is the fundament built by the worldwide competitions of the LOL prize fund of which makes up millions of dollars. It is recreating itself gradually around Valorant. Professional players from cybersport disciplines such as CS: GO and Overwatch are flocking to stream Valorant. This new shooter was the most viewed one on Twitch although the main part of spectators couldn’t play it. The game atmosphere makes users compete and strive to show amazing results. Partially it is due to the game closed beta, as well as the main concept of Valorant is to create the atmosphere that gamers are expecting from cybersport.

Riot Games developers told fans that their goal is to “create a sporty game deserving your lifetime attention and concern.” Looking through the environment with a high competition where the game was launched, it feels the Valorant was created to grow – it’s simple to forget that there’s a well-built game underneath. I continually have been playing, and I’ve been joyfully experienced by its strengths and weaknesses. For me, Valorant is lit.

Each phase of meeting with Valorant it’s like one new step toward the galaxy brain meme

The Valorant was presented as a 5 vs 5 shooter based on team gaming in his beta testing. There are ten different heroes, and each hero is different in special abilities. Valorant players select one of them. There are two roles: defense and attack. The mission of the defensive team is to prevent the destruction of objective or eliminate enemies before spike is planted. The other team has to plant the spike and protect it or by eliminating enemies. The winner is the first who gets 13 wins in rounds. Every player receives money during the match. Gamers are encouraged in picking useful items up such as weapons, armor, and even abilities. In the middle of the round, teams change their roles and lose their equipment and money. More details about Valorant you can find at Valorant Tracker.

For me, each phase of meeting the Valorant seems to be a new phase on the galaxy brain meme. Firstly, I found out the weapons I liked. The next step was recognizing what are agent skills and how it operates in the game. I abused (and overconsumed) those skills and then ruled it in. The next step was to figure the framework in-game economy out. And the last thing was to meet the strategy of teams and I put all efforts into it. Everyone who gets interested in Valorant understands popularity on Twitch, which is justified with a clear reason. Its depth is easily valued as soon as you get over its simple idea and off-putting plain esthetic. (Moreover, you could gain special beta keys while watching some streamers.)

It is amazing to feel the progress. However, playing games does not every time. This challenging one needs very sufficient mechanical awareness along with the ability to make tactical decisions quickly. During the closed test, the game shows that everyone can play it, it is easy to understand the Valorant mechanics, but it is better if you have experience and high skill from other shooter games. A very aggressive or safe game can quickly bump you off if you aren’t very good. It will take time to practice striking the perfect balance in setting position and economic system, and the closed status of Valorant’s beta testing doesn’t foster it. (While Riot developers included feature, with help of which players can send reports, toxicity because of your mastery or gender was fairly widespread in my games.)
You can enjoy seeing the best streamers of the Valorant game industry when they become mad because of over low KDA ratios.

Given all this, Valorant is quite enough. It is only your fault that your character passed away. Maybe you neglect attention to the position of the enemy or you set your position in a wrong way, or their aim is much better than yours. When you’re in awe, the awareness you’ve received makes it all more satisfying. Anyone must be completely deliberate in it.

Those who prefer a competitive manner in games, particularly appreciate such the idea of challenging themselves against their KDA ratios, might figure out that they are obsessively chasing dopamine explosion. This one makes you feel a wide range of emotions: angry, being satisfied, later even enraged, and at the end, you have that feeling like «Until I get the desired pleasure and super satisfaction, for the sake of which I go through the whole spectrum of emotions, I won’t stop practicing in this game and I’ll continue playing».

Valorant requires particular knowledge and skills that anyone can easily take from tactical game shooters. It’s also compared to Overwatch, which was one of the cultural phenomenon, a shooter that is based on team playing, while they aren’t very similar. Overwatch gained such a status partially because of the variety of heroes that give the possibility to choose from blocking damage to healing abilities, in addition to being Phenom in the cybersport field. Everyone in Overwatch can strongly change the match direction thanks to a well-timed skill, even those who are newbies and have some obstacles to aim exactly. Valorant heroes’ skills do not feel so strong in comparison with Overwatch. Those skills can lock down zones, overshadow map sections, or secure intel.

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This kind of struggle “get good” desire is the thing that seems to let Valorant become a perspective cybersport. If some cynicism is to be set aside for Valorant, it is just how appropriate it is. Developers understand the players’ desire and interests, besides what will have success on Twitch. The most remarkable thing after my first matches in Valorant was my desire to show high results in this shooter. When Riot Games release the new project globally, many will become afflicted with this obsession, and a structure of cybersport will be in place to keep them involved.

It’s tempting to equate the Valorant game with the accordant phenomenon. And it’s often the settle not in favor of the cybersport. Seeing even the best Twitch streamers line up every new round, it easily becomes boring for me. The number of toxic players in the game is increasing and spread around the game and it doesn’t create a welcoming atmosphere for future shooter fans.

Presently Riot Games developers reach a strong and effective foundation for a thrilling, engrossing shooter for team gaming. Something of its operating can be not so pleasant and even unfriendly, anyway all the tasks will be done.

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