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Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth with Spray-On Bed Liner

With the different types of truck bed liner available in the market, it is vital to choose the right one to suit your purpose. You need a liner that will provide your truck with long-lasting protection from scratches, dents, rust, scrapes, and holes that can damage the truck bed. The truck bed is made of metal, and without protection, it can degrade swiftly if you do not install a liner to protect its surface. If you usually load it with heavy objects or chemicals, in due time, the truck will show dents, scratches, holes, rust, which, when left alone, will cause more damage to the truck bed.

Types of spray-on bed liners spray-on bed liners are produced using different processing methods and formulations. The coatings have unique differences.

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  • Polyurea coatings are hard. They have high tensile strength, making the bed liner resistant to tearing and abrasion. However, the coating is not flexible.
  • Polyurethane spray-on bed liners are softer and more flexible compared to polyurea bed liners. The material is strong and resilient and provides excellent protection to the truck bed.
  • The aromatic formulation describes the ring-shaped compounds used to manufacture the spray-on bed liner. It makes the coating cure faster. The formulation is used for darker and black colored spray-on bed liners. Products using this formulation are cheaper.
  • The aliphatic formulation’s compounds are straight or branched in shape. The compounds produce exterior durability and high UV resistance, although the curing time is lower. With higher UV resistance, the formulation is suitable for spray-on bed liners in various colors. This is more expensive as the product is manufactured using pure polyurethane. Moreover, the quality of the spray-on bed liner is higher, and the coating lasts longer.

Spray-on bed liner

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One of the most popular among the available truck bed liners is the spray-on type. It comes in different colors and textures to provide you with the maximum truck bed protection, especially if you use your truck as a work vehicle.

The spray-on bed liner is the most expensive, but it is worth the initial cost because it is almost permanent. With proper care, your truck can enjoy its protection for several years. The Durabak spray-on bed liner series offers a wide selection of colors so that you do not have to settle for black.

Despite the cost, choosing a spray-on bed liner is a top choice of most owners of pickup trucks, and here are the reasons why you can get your money’s worth when you use this type of bed liner.

  • Durable. A spray-on bed liner will last for a long time. Spray-on bed liners render the truck bed waterproof, protecting the vehicle from rain and snow. The rubber-like coating adheres to the metal, keeping the truck bed scratch, rust, corrosion, and dent resistant.
  • Reduces noise. A spray-on bed liner is lightweight and adheres to the truck bed and sides securely. It will not produce any noise like the drop-in bed liners. With no screws and bolts used to attach it to the truck bed, it is not affected by wind and vibration that can rattle materials temporarily attached to the truck.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty jobs. If you move rugged materials, such as gravel, sand, rock, logs, and other items with an abrasive surface, you will appreciate how much protection spray-on bed liners provide. The material is specifically suitable for heavy-duty work, preventing wear and tear from occurring.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance. Because the spray-on bed liner covers every exposed surface that needs protection, just like a strong sealant, it effectively prevents water from seeping in and being trapped under the surface. Without any moisture and condensation underneath the liner, it stops corrosion and rust from forming.
  • Strong adhesion to metal. When the truck bed surface is properly prepared, you can be sure that the spray-on bed liner will strongly adhere to the metal surface and provide it with maximum protection for many years.
  • Low maintenance cost. With its airtight sealing capability, a spray-on bed liner requires very little maintenance. You can wash it with water and soap, sweep it, vacuum it, or wipe the surface with a clean rag.
  • Protects your vehicle from work abuse. You not only protect the truck bed with polyurethane spray-on bed liner. You can use the product to protect bumpers. Fenders, trim, nerf bars, and floorboards. If you want, you can apply the entire vehicle with it. It is all right to use spray-on bed liners on boats, agriculture equipment, heavy construction equipment, commercial transport, and emergency vehicles.
  • Multi-purpose applications. Aside from protecting the truck bed, spray-on bed liners can be applied in various environments. You can apply the material to the exterior of vehicles since many colors are available. It can be applied to the interior of boats because of its anti-corrosive and waterproof properties.
  • UV protection. A high-quality spray-on bed liner is especially needed by truck owners who live in high summer temperature areas. The product gives your vehicle around 80% protection from UV rays that make your truck look old, run-down, or worn out.

  • Preserves your vehicle’s value. While you can do several things to maintain your vehicle’s value, you can add applying spray-on bed liner to the list. You extend your truck’s condition and life with a spray-on bed liner because of the protective benefits that the product provides.
  • Provides a non-slip surface. Spray-on bed liners can add more years of service to your truck because it prevents chemical contamination, rusting, and scratching. It provides an anti-slip or anti-skid surface, which protects your truck bed and the things you haul, such as large furniture and equipment. A non-slip surface reduces the risk of damaging the goods on your truck, even if you are traveling on rough roads or making sharp turns.
  • Perfect fit. There are truck bed liners that a supplier can custom-fit to your truck. However, you do not have to spend extra because, with a spray-on bed liner, you can have a custom-fit liner that will conform to your truck bed perfectly, with no missed spots or gaps. As the product is sprayed directly on the truck bed and sides, no space will be left uncovered.
  • Repairable. Although unlikely, a spray-on bed liner is easy to repair, should it be damaged. You do not have to spend too much, because you can do spot-repair.

These are just some of the top features of spray-on bed liners, which will help you decide to use it to protect your truck bed.

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