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New Slot Game Trends for 2024

Trends are constantly developing in society and trends come and go. Some have more of an impact than others and the changes they create remain in place for some considerable time. Superheroes have always been present in entertainment and they did spend many years simmering away in the background. However, once the right technology fell into place both in the cinema and slots world, during the 1990s, superheroes began to take center stage and have remained there ever since. First, they took cinema by storm and since slots like to base themselves on films, games like SlotsBaby have become a place where these characters can meet. The trend for superheroes in slots is set to continue, as long as films and other entertainment avenues such as video games remain fascinated by them. Of course, the public is constantly adding fuel to the superhero fire by flocking to anything superhero related and this just increases demand.

The first slot machines date back to the 1970s and have been growing in popularity ever since. Today there are dozens of different slot machines and usually, these are the games that beginners prefer. The slot is a game where you can relax and have fun, and if you are lucky, you can win a nice amount of money.

The Hunt For A New Audience

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The young are the future of slots and this fact has not passed slots developers by. They need to attract younger players to guarantee the future of the slots industry and the best way to do this is by keeping a close eye on what is trending with this demographic. The major news is that the young like their entertainment to be served up with a big slice of the latest technology. This can be seen in the latest video games that are a big hit with this generation. These games include narratives; state-of-the-art computer graphics and they are nearly fully immersive and interactive gaming experiences too. All this needs to be taken on board if slots are going to compete with video games and new slots are going to appeal to a new younger audience.

VR Slots

Already experiments are underway with 3D and Virtual Reality and only by experimenting can slots developers see whether this new technology is a good fit with slots. VR casinos and VR slots have already been made available to the slots playing public. VR versions of classic slots where players control the spins with body movements are already available for punters to try. Whether these VR slots can become the norm depends on whether punters can acclimatize to the new sensations and worlds these games will take them too and can punters end up lost and addicted to these VR slots? If this is the case, then slots addiction could spiral out of control.

Megaways Slots

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In the here and now, the major ongoing trend in the slot world is the rise of the Megaways slots games. This is a relatively new innovation by Big Time Gaming and it has rewritten the slots rulebook. The major difference between standard slots and Megaways games is that the action plays out on 6-reels and there is often yet another reel that spins from right to left, across the main slots reel platform. The games are mainly cascading in nature and the active pay lines can change on each spin.

Gamification of slots

To stay in the game, slots, as well as games, must be upgraded and provide players with something new, because sitting for hours behind these machines is what fills the budget of any casino, whether it is an online or land casino. Effects, ie gamification, are what is deserved for attracting new players, especially younger ones. Here the game is based on the interaction between the machine itself and the players, and the whole game is designed as storytelling.

Jackpot slots

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These slots are one of the most played for a reason because with a minimal bet you can get a lot of money. The reason for this is that in each game, part of the money is set aside for the jackpot until someone wins it. Once someone wins the jackpot, the procedure is repeated.

Focus on mobile design

Smartphones have long since replaced computers almost completely, so the focus has shifted from the desktop version of the slots to mobile design, and what awaits us in the future are improved versions of existing ones.

Live games

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The fact is that humans are social beings and therefore, consciously and unconsciously, like to participate in interaction while playing. Playing live allows communication not only with the croupier but also with long players, which makes the game even more realistic. Judging by this, we could say that there is no difference between online and land casinos. Moreover, online casinos, ie their players, have a significant advantage if we take into account that they play from the comfort of their home, and at the same time they have the opportunity to get a bigger payout and be entitled to a bonus that land casinos do not offer.


In the last ten years, cryptocurrencies have gained incredible popularity in the market and have become one of the most profitable ways to invest. In addition, casinos are happy to accept certain cryptocurrencies, giving the player anonymity and the inability to track cash flow. It is believed that in the future their application in the world of gambling will be even more present and popular.

Final thoughts

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The best thing about slots is that they evolve incredibly fast, and thus keep old players interested in this type of entertainment while attracting new ones. Although it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future, one thing is for sure – these games will become more interesting and cost-effective to play. What is still expected is a constant increase in the number of players in online casinos, and this is supported by the coronavirus pandemic that began in late 2019 and is still ongoing.

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