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Top 10 Biggest Truck Manufacturer Companies in 2024

The truck industry is highly complex and not that simple as people might generally think it to be. In order to deliver success, trucking needs to put into a lot of expenses, resources and must be determined all the time to deliver success. Knowing that there are some good heavy automobile companies around who made it to the top, you will be introduced to all the top ten biggest truck manufacturer companies through this blog.

Time has tested these manufacturing companies, but they have stood strong and are here to stay for a long time. Just like development hardware, horticulture, and car business, truck business is also capital escalated. Last year around 2.68 million hefty road automobile were sold out from all over the world. With the increasing advancement in the hefty automobile industry domain, more and more different types of large vehicle are being manufactured under strict Government rules. One of the reasons why the government has stepped in is to prevent global warming.

A lot of research is being done to address some of the truck-related issues. But even to address those issues, heavy vehicle manufacturers incur a great number of expenses. This results in higher cost value and lesser demand or else other finance-related constraints. Nevertheless, with the latest advancement in the heavy automobile industry, we have seen the introduction of heavy vehicles that use alternative energy sources. For example, heavy vehicle that operates on electrical batteries. These new high-tech hefty lorries have already been launched. With all this advancement, we are hopeful about the heavy automobile industry’s future.

Here is the list of top ten truck manufacturing companies that you should know about.

1. Scania

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Scania is a large automobile manufacturing company owned by Volkswagen Group. This Swedish company manufactures buses and heavy-duty automobiles. Apart from this, Scania also manufactures diesel engines for general industrial appliances, as well as large vehicles. They have their generation office located in India, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Poland, Russia, and Brazil. So far, the company has sold 81,350 hefty lorries.

In order to deliver everything on time, the company needs to put in a lot of expenses, resources and must be determined all the time to deliver success. Also, it’s very important to invest in safety in order to avoid truck accidents.

2. MAN

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The next heavy vehicle manufacturing company that has sold 83,200 lorries so far is MAN Truck and Bus AG. It is a subsidiary of MAN SE corporation. They are popularly known as the biggest international commercial vehicles’ provider.

3. Iveco

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IVECO an Italian-based industrial vehicle manufacturing company has its offices in Italy and Turin and is fully controlled by CNH Industrial Group. This large vehicle manufacturing company has successfully sold 134,300 hefty lorries worldwide.


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PACCAR Inc has sold 158,900 hefty vehicles and is counted among the American Fortune 500 company. This company is one of the largest manufacturers of large and medium-sized commercial vehicles, and they sell their heavy automobiles globally. In Europe, its total market share value under the medium-large vehicles category is 16.2% and, in the US, and Canada, it holds 28.5% market shares.

5. Hino

Hino is owned by Toyota. This Japanese manufacturing company has sold 171,800 trucks and they manufacture diesel engines and commercial trucks. The company has it headquarter in Hino-shi, Tokyo. Hino is a trusted name when it comes to heavy-duty and medium trucks all over in Asia. Recently they have expanded their offers in Japan for medium and heavy trucks. Overall, Hino has a 37.7% market share.

6. Volvo Group

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Volvo Group is known to everyone and has so far sold 300,000 large automobiles worldwide. This company is owned by AB Volvo and is based in Sweden and Gothenburg. In the year 2016, Volvo Group became the second largest manufacturer under the heavy-duty lorry category. The company also manufactures hefty lorry under Dongfeng Trucks, Eicher, Mack, Renault Trucks, UD, and Volvo.

7. Navistar International Corp

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Navistar International Corp has sold 313,600 and is among the top four heavy lorry manufacturing companies in the world. This company is listed under Fortune 500 companies and they are into manufacturing military, as well as business heavy lorry.

8. Dongfeng

After selling 369,100 Dongfeng holds the third position in our top ten biggest truck manufacturing companies list. This hefty vehicle manufacturing company is a Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer company having headquarter in Wuhan, China. After selling 369,100 vehicles they have expanded their business by 7%.

9. TATA Motors Limited

TATA Motors Limited is the leading automobile manufacturing company in India. If there is one company that often replaces the term hefty lorry by tata is TATA Motors Limited. This company is the only trusted big road lorry maker in India and they also sell their trucks worldwide. So far, TATA Motors Limited has sold 400,000 heavy road lorries.

10. Daimler Group

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The number one big automobile manufacturing company is Daimler Trucks North America LLC. They have sold 415,108 hefty vehicles worldwide. This hefty vehicle manufacturing company is a leading automotive industry manufacturer of commercial vehicles. They have the headquarter in Portland, Oregon. They also make vehicles under various brands, like BharatBenz, Mitsubishi Fuso, Freightliner, Western Star, to name a few.


These are the names of the top-large automobile manufacturing companies that are trusted worldwide. If you are looking for hefty lorry and tractor units, you can visit Truck1 Europe. Take a look at the range of hefty automobile available here, and if you would like to know more about the hefty automobile, feel free to get in touch with them.

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