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Trade Show vs Digital Marketing – What is the future

Advertising your company is the first thing that you have to do in order to reach customers. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in the business and how many satisfied clients you have, you have to constantly work on improving your marketing. In order for your company to grow, you always have to work on increasing the number of customers.

When it comes to this aspect of running a business, nowadays, you have multiple options. It seems that every year there are new trends and strategies that you can use. In this article, we are going to focus on two types of advertisements that are most widely used. We are going to provide you with some basic information about both of these and tell you about some of their benefits.

Benefits of Trade Shows

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Even though some might argue that these shows aren’t useful anymore, it is simply not true. Every year, there are annual gatherings in all major cities and centers where companies have the opportunity to display their business to visitors.

Build Brand Awareness

Due to the fact that these are usually visited by people from a certain industry, we would have to say that building brand awareness is one of the most important benefits. What are we talking about? Well, if you have just started your company, bringing it closer to potential clients is not enough. You have to find your spot on the market, and the only way to do that is to meet and collaborate with the people from the industry.

Form alliances

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Naturally, when you meet people from the same line of work, you have to opportunity to make partners. Collaborating with big, successful companies is an important step in the entire journey of entering the market. Check out the schedule of the trade show, find out when the gatherings and parties are, and go mingle with people.

Analyze competition

Closely observing booths around you is the best way to learn what strategies are using those that perform well and those that are not as good. Having a trade show exhibition requires a lot of planning and people want to stand out from the others in order to attract visitors. These preparations can last months, and unfortunately, usually, there is always someone who is more successful.

So, go and take a walk. Try to learn as much as possible about the strategies others use, their designs, equipment and even special effects. You should write down some major points so you would know in what direction to steer your next exhibition. You should also observe some practical things like the layout of their booth. If you want to know how to make it more approachable and comfortable for people click here.

Face-to-face contact

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One of the greatest benefits of attending trade shows is that you are going to have the opportunity to meet and speak with potential clients. This is your chance to shine and introduce people to your products or services in person. Nothing can beat the live contact with customers. Make an appealing presentation, ask visitors for their feedback, answer all the questions, and so on. People want to feel appreciated and what better way to achieve that then to ask them for their opinion?

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Without a doubt, we live in the era of Internet marketing. From the customer’s point of view, you can find almost anything online. All you have to do is to type in some keywords in a browser and you will get dozens of hits. On the other hand, from the company’s standpoint, digital marketing offers so many opportunities that will allow you to advertise your merchandise.

A wider network of people

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The biggest benefit of using any of the digital marketing strategies is that you can reach millions of potential clients. Just think about how many people use social media platforms. If you implement many of the tricks like hashtags, users from all the corners of the world will see your products.

Even though cannot communicate with them in person, like you can during trade shows, the number of people you reach cannot be compared.

Reach target audience

When it comes to any type of online ads, you have the opportunity to add certain data thus ensure that the ad is visible to people who are likely to make a purchase. You can add information about the age, sex, professional occupation, anything that will help you down narrow that circle.

Measure the results

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As you know, you can never know for sure how many people saw your ad in the newspaper or billboard thus it takes a lot of time and effort to see how useful these are. However, when it comes to Internet marketing, you will receive the exact number of how many people saw your Instagram story, visited your website, or opened your email.

This is an important advantage because, in order to know how successful your marketing strategy is, you need to see reports. In addition, by having all this data at your disposal, you will be able to understand what aspect of the marketing isn’t working as well as you thought it would, and you will know what needs to be changed.

Interesting content

Due to the fact that this type of marketing is so widely used nowadays, you have to create content that is going to be appealing to the public. You can use currently popular topics or interests of your target audience to ensure that they are going to visit this page. Simply put, this type of advertising is flexible meaning that you can change it at any moment, which is not the case with traditional marketing.

It’s cost-effective

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Finally, as you can imagine, since every task is completed online, this type of marketing can save you a lot of money. This is especially important for small companies and startups that just do not have sufficient funds to invest in traditional marketing strategies. There are even tools such as PPC ads that allow you to choose how much money you want to spend. If you decide to partner with professionals, they are also going to provide you with a package that is within your budget.


All in all, in this article we have mentioned some benefits of both trade shows and digital marketing. As you can see, both of these come with their pros and cons, and when it comes to the question of which one is here to stay, we believe that the answers is both.

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