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Why Is the Humble Lanyard So Much Popular Among Marketers?

Trade shows and conferences are great places to witness the widespread use of lanyards as every participating organization and event sponsors use it for identification, security, and above all, business promotion. One that appeared first almost 500 years ago in France has not only come a long way but also evolved into a dependable tool for marketing. Custom printed lanyards that you get from 4inlanyards bear the personal traits of brands and businesses, which have opened new avenues for promoting business at the lowest cost while creating a good impact. The lanyard that in its original form was a cord has now transformed into colorful bands that boldly carry the marketing message besides carrying out its primary function of holding the badge holder that remains attached to it.  More and more organizations are using personalized ones with the company name and logo as part of the uniform.

Affordability matters

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Affordability is what makes companies use lanyards for advertising and marketing. Even the personalized ones, printed with the company name. Logo and brand message will cost you just a fraction of what you have to spend on any other media, be it posters, billboards, commercial spots on television and radio, and even online advertising. With advanced printing options, the scope of using lanyards more creatively has encouraged marketers to get the maximum mileage in marketing from the most pocket-friendly marketing tool.  There are some other reasons too.

Lanyards are for all

They are for people of all ages, and it provides huge opportunities to marketers to reach out to the largest section of the audience that it can tap into to expand their reach and market. While office workers use it as much diligently as school students, you will also see its use across all walks of life encompassing various public places from airports to railway stations and from shopping malls to hospitals, to name a few.  Using lanyards for marketing helps brands gain the widest exposure at the least cost, which is unthinkable for any other marketing tool. They provide an easy means to cut across the customer demography without encroaching into the private space of the targeted audience.

Widespread brand familiarity

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Introducing brands is a challenging task for marketers because they must first break the ice by familiarizing the brand name to potential customers. Printing the company message, mission, and vision statement or logo on lanyards has a ripple effect when people see many others wearing the same one. In the process, the repeated exposure of the brand makes it a familiar name in no time. After crossing the initial hurdle, marketers can take the campaign to the next level that helps the audience to get closer to the brand.

High impact branding

The advantage of brand familiarization is that it makes people curious to know more about it, and this is a great takeaway for those who use lanyards to advance their marketing efforts. Although it is important to reach out with the brand to most people, the returns do not always depend on it. While this does help in the brand, gaining extensive exposure, it does not guarantee proportional returns. On the other hand, imagine that even the few persons you can reach out to the brand message printed on the lanyard would be looking at it so often that it creates an intimacy with the bran. It will generate more interest in exploring it, thereby increasing the possibilities of engaging in meaningful interaction with the brand, which is a big reward for marketers.

Easy customization

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Printing of lanyards is not at all expensive because of the small print area, and you can create customized lanyards at a very modest cost. Whether you use screen printing that produces excellent quality or prefers hot stamping, dye sublimation, or any other printing method, the price will be very much affordable.

Provides Adequate Space

Customized lanyards seem to have adequate space for printing stuff you need to. It may be pretty tough to incorporate everything you wish to on a button or a keychain. However, lanyards boast of having plenty of space for strategically placing important information. Some of the common things that organizations incorporate into lanyards include the company name, the company logo, and even the company’s contact number. We know that all this and even more could comfortably fit on a lanyard. Moreover, you would not find it difficult to read. You could even consider adding an additional design for making your them far more distinctive and attractive.

To expand the print area for accommodating more marketing messages, you can print both sides of lanyards, which further lowers the cost.

Long-lasting effect

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Lanyard materials be it cotton, nylon, cord, or polyester twill, are all highly durable, and with good quality printing, the message remains visible for many years.  Ones used for marketing and distributed among customers might not be worn consistently for days at a stretch. Even if it is kept away in the drawer or on the worktable, the brand will shine brightly and maintain the connection with customers at the slightest opportunity.

Build Cohesiveness

Using customized lanyards for all your employees could be a wonderful idea. You must focus on choosing the perfect color scheme that should best represent your business. You may distribute these lanyards among your employees. They help in creating an element of cohesiveness and boosting team spirit and camaraderie. We know that in big organizations where all employees are not familiar with each other, it is quite challenging to build and promote cohesiveness. Custom-tailored lanyards could be the most effective way of bringing people together. When employees sport a customized lanyard and come across each other they would at once realize that they belong to the same organization. They would be working together for achieving the same goal. Your employees would certainly use the lanyards and that should give your business the necessary exposure when your employees are visiting places and roaming about.


Selecting the right design is essential. To maintain good visibility of the printed message within the small space, careful selection of color combinations by taking a minimalist approach can go a long way to enhance the appeal and bring the brand in focus.  Using too many bright colors cause distraction and defeats the purpose. Using a good quality lanyard ensures that the print is steadfast and withstands the test of time by lasting longer.

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