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Top 5 Biggest Companies in the World

You’d be surprised that nearly all of the companies that we will mention on this list are American. The companies on this list ware measured by market capitalization, and that’s the total value of a company’s entire purchased market share of stocks. Despite being American, their reach is worldwide and their marketplace is a global level.

The number is truly disproportionate when ranking the biggest companies in the world. Is there a real cause as to why? Are there any deciding factors that have contributed in recent years? In this article, we’re going to take a look at the 5 biggest companies in the world.

1. Apple

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The first U.S. (and in the world) company to reach the $1 trillion market cap is Apple. It managed to achieve it back in August 2018, but it’s partly struggling due to the poor performance of the newest iPhone in terms of sales. Currently, Apple stands at $986 billion, with both physical products such as the iPhone, MacBooks, etc and the Apple Store bringing in billions of dollars every year. Apple was founded in 1976 and it is one of the leading tech giants in the entire industry.

2. Alphabet (Google & Goog)

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Alphabet has a market cap currently sitting at $822 billion, and it is the 2nd biggest company in the world (currently). Alphabet was created back in 2015 to separate Google’s main businesses from other projects that were riskier and considered “long shots”. One of the more notable such projects includes Verily Life Sciences, Calico, driverless cars, Google X, CapitalG and GV. Google is a huge tech giant in the industry, probably a bigger influence than Apple. But we’ve made this list based on the purchased market share of stocks.

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3. Microsoft

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Yet another tech giant of the industry, Microsoft has a market cap that stands at $983 billion. Microsoft constantly produces software, as the leading tech giant continues its slow march for the 1st spot. Since the turn of the millennium, Microsoft has been the leader in the tech industry, but unlike other giants, Microsoft focuses on developing traditional software and slowly transitions away from cloud-based products and services such as Azure cloud and Office 365.

4. Amazon

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With a market capitalization of around $795 billion, Amazon is the leader in online retailing. It’s market shares reached a record of $2,000 per share since August, and the recent 12-month price tag on Amazon by Morgan Stanley was raised to $2,500 from $1,850, putting at an expected market capitalization of around $964 billion. Since its creation in 1997, Amazon has been always on the rise.

5. Berkshire Hathaway

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Warren Buffet’s holding company reported a record income of $12 billion during the 2nd quarter of 2018. This put Berkshire’s market capitalization at $536 billion. To put it into perspective, the previous 2nd quarter in 2017 netted a profit of only $4 billion, and market capitalization nearly ¼ lower. Berkshire’s CEO, Warren Buffet, is known largely for his success and as one of the most successful investors in the entire investing history. You should only invest the amount that you are sure you can afford. Oftentimes, investing more money in shares than you can easily manage can put extra strain on the mind. Check out Kailash Concepts’ research offerings and ranking tools here to help you choose the best stocks to invest in and manage your portfolio.

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