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6 Best Universal Remote Controls in 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Research has it that humankind is seeking pleasure in all they do. I believe you and I are not an exception to this principle. Technology is one of the biggest arenas that give the pleasure of all kinds and time to humanity. It is believed that pleasure is a mental condition attained through a process of different activities, physical pleasure occurs as the five ‘common’ senses are stress less. The invention of universal remote revolutionized a whole world of electronics; an electronic gadget that enables you to control one or more brands of consumer electronic devices from the comfort of your sofa.

They operate with sending a package of commands from the remote to the device you are controlling in a binary (zeros and ones) language that computers understand through LED-infrared rays to execute the commanded action. We have prepared for you a list of high quality, durable and reliable remote control that range from those bonding with a single device to those that can be used with a range of electronic devices, with this in your hand or on your favorite seat, you don’t have to walk now and then switching between your favorite TV and Radio Shows.

1.Logitech Harmony Companion All in One Remote Control

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Go the smart way with Logitech Harmony Companion; get the most out of your home entertainment by letting your smartphone control what numerous remotes have been struggling with. This remote allows you to customize your device’s activities and the intern boosts your comfort and convenience. Harmony Companion allows you to time your gadgets and activates them to work all together in harmony, all from the touch of a single button.

Thought this all that comes with Harmony Companion pack, am just started, you are in full control of your entertainment even from a distance by creating custom schedules to activate them with sensors, Smartphone or tablet Harmony App, WI-Fi, IR or Bluetooth wireless signals, alternatively with the aid of Amazon Alexa you can use voice control. It has no limitation of what devices you control, controlling up to eight different home entertainment devices. It quickly transforms your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets into one universal remote of a kind.

2. Logitech Harmony Elite

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Logitech never seizes to give their best to the market, this time they hit the market with a super powerful remote that can control up to 15 connected devices. It is not limited to entertainment devices and services only, but you can link it with all sorts of internet-oriented devices. This simply means you have the right device to keep you free from bed switches; you can control your light with this remote.

Remember this Logitech, which means it is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice control as well. Logitech does not assume the fact that we are far much beyond the button era and for this reason, they have enhanced Harmony elite with a super sharp, slick touch screen.

3. Logitech Harmony Express Universal Voice Remote

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Are you the type that misplaces almost everything and hates crouching under furniture looking for it, Logitech has your back. They have designed Harmony express with a smartphone integrated mouse to help you locate your remote control within a minute. It is easy to set up and use and can support and sync with different devices from different manufacturers.

Once you have hooked and launched those devices you want to be controlled with your remote, you don’t have to keep remembering the connected devices or worry about what settings to use. With the aid of the in-built Alexa and voice commanding feature, all you need to do is speak and Express will give you the right setting. The full package comes with; remote control, rechargeable battery, USB cable, an AC adaptor and a user guide manual.

4. Inteset INT-422 Universal Remote

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As parents we all have that one shows that we don’t want our kids to associate themselves with, Inteset remote has it all figured for you and has on the market this brilliant accessory that has a channel lock that enables you to limit access to certain controls. In the previous remotes we have featured smart remote and touchscreen remote, this is different which comes with a multitude of buttons with pre-programmed and programmable buttons as well. With this set, you can program one button to perform the duty of 40 buttons which saves you time. Though fully analog it is worth having men.

 5. Philips SRP5018/27 Universal Remote

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Celebrities will be remembered but legends will never die, Philips just proved this legendary phrase with their analog model but digital duty remote control. Philips 8 in 1 is one of the strong and attractive remotes that comes with the traditional shape. It features a pre-programmed button for quick access to Netflix and Hulu and thus a perfect kit for streamers. Late-night views have been catered for with backlight device buttons. Though it cannot be compared to the Logitech, you will find incredible results from this accessory which is super quick and easy to set up and has perfect compatibility with devices like Apple TV. 

6. GE 24991 3-Device

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Though the manufacturer did not spend time on the aesthetic part of this remote, they spent time in setting up a sturdy, affordable remote with impressive features. Though the size may blind you and undermine the capability of this remote, you will be surprised with its ability to control three different kinds of devices, and its compatibility with multi-brand and models.

Time wasted is never recovered and thus this remote will save you time and hassle with the code search function. Besides all these, you can control what time your family sleeps from you remote by setting a sleep time and the remote will automatically turn off the TV when the set time comes. Are these not incredible features?

Before deciding to walk to the shop for remote control for your home entertainment devices, you need to set out the qualities and features of the remote you are going to purchase. Gone are the days we used to buy that remote that gets to your eyes first at a shop.

An ideal remote should be easy to use with a simple design for enhances operation-ability, button layout should be logic and systematic conforming with the existing alpha-numeric system, backlight is highly important more so if you are a night later session viewer, the feature that this remote comes with are equally important; beside the ordinary raise and lowering of volume, what unique feature does come with like compatibility with your smartphone, multi-device connectivity among others, finally most of the latest models come with touch screen which is a great deal for  you if you like the stylish and fashion.

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