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Top 5 Beautifully Constructed Restaurants In North America

Let’s be honest, the design of the restaurant is equally important as the food they serve. Yes, the quality of meals is most essential – if you don’t find it tasty, you will probably never return to that place.  The same thing goes for the concept. You will not be able to enjoy the food if the surrounding doesn’t make you feel comfortable and welcoming. Because of this, we have compiled a list of five restaurants in North America that you will definitely want to return to.

Juniper & Ivy

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Top Chef All-Star winner Richard Blais and his partner Michael Rosen opened Juniper & Ivy restaurant in 2014. The found an old abandoned warehouse on the northern edge of Little Italy in San Diego and transformed it into a high-class restaurant. This design is the mix of original warehouse vibe and sophisticated dining areas. Except for a few abstract paintings, there aren’t many decoration items, which is what gives the special charm to this place. Here, you will spend a delightful evening eating top-notch food and drinking your favorite wine.


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If you are looking for a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Toronto, then you should visit the newly opened LOV restaurant. This abbreviation stands for local, organic and vegan, meaning that you will have the chance to taste the food cooked with fresh ingredients that will make you want to come back. This open-concept space with a lot of light and plants was constructed by BUILD IT By Design (designed by Jacinthe Piotte). We are sure that here, you are going to spend a pleasant time with your friends enjoying healthy food both good for your mind and body.

Twenty Five Lusk

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Another rustic place that has been totally transformed is the Twenty Five Lusk restaurant in San Francisco. They will soon celebrate their 10th birthday and they take pride in providing the one-of-a-kind experience for their guests. Besides wonderful food and great service, you will be surprised by the concept of this secluded restaurant. The designers have left the exposed brick wall and wood columns, but have added stainless steel surfaces, coated glass, and mirrors. What’s more, you can have your lunch on a bright rooftop and enjoy the mesmerizing view.

Fulton Market Kitchen

Fulton Market Kitchen located in Chicago is a restaurant that will surely provide you a unique experience. It doesn’t even look like one, but instead, you will feel like you have entered an art gallery. The design was inspired by Miami’s Wynwood Walls and 1980s New York art scene. The best part is that the restaurant collaborates with local artists who exhibit their work here, so the setting may be different every time you come. In addition, while waiting for your food to be prepared, you can have an exclusive behind the scene look at how these pieces are created.

The Grey

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The Grey is a restaurant located inside the transformed Greyhouse Bus Terminal in downtown Savanah, Georgia. The former ticketing booth is now the kitchen, a private dining area is placed in the women’s shower room, a bar is in the central gate area, and the wine cellar is in the driver’s bunk room. The building’s façade was restored to its original 1938 Art Deco look, and they have even preserved the numbers that represent the station’s boarding gates.

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