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Investment Opportunities That Could Pay Off Long-Term

If you are business-minded and income-driven, then you will always be on the lookout for good investment opportunities. The problem is having the time to research the best areas in which to spend some of your well-earned cash, with risk always being a factor. And there’s always a risk. Some of the best thought out investments have failed due to some of the foreseen circumstances. This article is brought to you in order to give you some less risky, more pocket-friendly investments that could pay dividends in years to come. 

Number Plates

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It is much less popular than it was a few years ago, perhaps the trend of buying number plates to sell to targeted buyers is slowly dipping. But this makes it all the more profitable for the everyday investor. There have been 100’s of cases of the years that have shown the huge profits that can be made from the private sales of personalized registrations. Number1Plates wrote that that owner of the registration “F 1” had recently rejected a £5,000,000 bid, and listed it online for a minimum of £12,000,000. This was not a cheap registration to start with though, as he was forced to pay the DVLA upwards of £345,000. 

Smaller investments can be made through on registration plate that can still be interpreted as names or important events, or dates for a fraction of the prices stated above. Some are as cheap as £150!


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A difficult subject to understand for many, and an even harder one to explain. You may have heard of the likes of bitcoin, this is one of a plethora of cryptocurrency that you can invest in or spread bets on markets. Much like Forex (foreign exchange). Though the risk can be quite great, the huge market swings on this type of product are an area in which huge amounts of money can be made in many weeks. Shortening the time you have to wait to see profits by huge margins. 

Tax-Free ISA

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This option may seem a little too simple because it is. People turn their noses up at cash ISA’s ring a legitimate way of investing your money, probably because it doesn’t come with the glamour of being able to say that you have made the investment in stock markets and start-up businesses. The fact is though, it is almost risk-free. You will be made to sit and watch the money grow over a number of years before you are likely to become satisfied but there will certainly be an increase nevertheless. 

A Side Hustle

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Forbes magazine early this year wrote that the 5th best thing to invest in is your very own side business. Starting small, buying and selling, paying for a bespoke product to sell small scale. This could serve as a great investment if you are able to reinvest small profits made until you snowball your business into something majorly profitable in the future. It is important to remember that many businesses fail, though many can be explored on the smallest investment, and take a much higher toll on your time rather than your pockets.

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