Tips for Choosing a Perfect Floor Lamp 2024 Guide

Choosing the right store for buying A-grade floor lamps can be quite tricky but is the online store that not only saves you from draining and time-consuming procedures of going to markets but also ensures excellent and exemplary quality. Mafeemushkil is the most sought after online store for lighting accessories because of its legacy of always providing the best quality products in time every single time and its incalculable choices of lighting fixtures from contemporary to vintage and from modern and trendy to traditional and bohemian.

Interior décor is always laid on a specific theme like modern, vintage, bohemian, or a mixture of any two and correct lighting fixtures add soul to the whole theme and atmosphere by creating the right mood for the intended ambiance. Floor lamps are considered to be the indispensable lighting accessory that not only gives functional benefits but also inculcates aesthetics to any living space. They let you create a mellow and soothing atmosphere and in other cases they also allow you to make your room luminous.

Floor lamps do not work as mere decorative fixture instead they add personality to your interiors and also bring finesse to the overall look. Floor lamps have their own persona. They add to the charm of your living space so it is important to buy the floor lamp that goes perfect with your living space and complements your interior design in the right way.

Here are simple tips and tricks that will ensure that you’ll only end up buying a perfect piece for your house.

The floor lamp should blend well with the interior

The floor lamp is actually a design feature and should go well with the design theme of the rest of the living space. Choosing a floor lamp accordingly will ensure that it looks like a prominent part of the rest of the interior and does not look like an odd addition. The scale of the room and the height of other furnishing artifices is another thing that should be kept in mind while choosing a floor lamp. If the room is big and well-spaced and the placed furniture is heightened then go for a tall floor lamp and if the room is congested and has a lower ceiling then go for choosing a short-heightened floor lamp so it blends well with everything else. Click here if you want to check out different types of floor lamps that can fit any interior!

Choose the right light projection

Apart from several dimensional choices, the floor lamps also give variant choices when it comes to light patterns. From accent and intense lighting to soft or direct lighting, there are many choices and you have to choose one keeping in mind the purpose of having the floor lamp. If you are choosing a floor lamp for fulfilling the decorative needs then choose the floor lamp that lights up the whole room and if you’re buying a floor lamp for more functional uses like for some task involving visual involvement then better go for choosing the floor lamp having direct light progression with movable lighting heads. In both cases you can always choose the intensity of the light from sheer to mellow.

Determine the eye-level

The furniture’s height usually determines your eye-level so sit down on the sitting piece of your furniture This will give you an idea of how tall your floor lamp should be so that the light reflection aids the visuals without hitting the eyes directly. There are choices like torchiere floor lamps that project light upwards illuminating the whole space and for such floor lamps determining the eye level is not that important.

To enhance the look and feel of your space pair up your floor lamp with a matching table lamp Dubai or a chandelier light Dubai.

Look for lamps’ dimensions

If you are buying the floor lamps online then don’t forget to go through the dimensions like the height. Length, width and weight of the floor lamp carefully because just looking at the picture of the lamp is not enough for having a clearer idea of how tall the lamp is. The descriptions usually have the details about the used material and light sources as well so make sure to choose the floor lamp that goes well with the size of your room and also has the material that matches the rest of the interior fixtures.
These are some tips from our side but in the end, you should always consider your needs and requirements in mind. Do not hold yourself from experimenting according to your taste and choice keeping the balance and blend in mind.

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