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Useful Things Every RV Camper Needs To Know

In many ways, RV camping benefits people who choose to do it. They explore, experience, and learn new things yet feel comfortable like they are at home. And to have a successful and well-executed RV camping escapade, there are certain things that a camper needs to know.

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Why RV camping is a trend

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RV camping is a trend nowadays because more people want to travel, explore, and appreciate nature’s beauty. It is also cheaper compared to different hotel staycations and offers more exciting activities and adventures. It is also easier to camp using an RV because you do not have to carry all your stuff in your backpack. Everything you need is right there inside your vehicle.

What every RV camper should know

If you are a camper, you have to keep in mind and be aware of these things to have a noteworthy camping experience that will last a lifetime. Check out these small trailers that suit you when going on a road trip from

To have enough stocks of food and drinks

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You cannot survive camping for several days if you do not have enough food and drink supply. Ensure that the amount you brought will be adequate to fill you throughout the length of your trip. You may also opt to bring quick and easy foods to prepare to have more time for the other outdoor activities.

What car camping gears to bring

Depending on your vacation’s length, you may decide what car camping gear you need to bring along with you. Some important gears you might want to include in your list are hammocks, camping lanterns, tables, chairs, and eating utensils. These things are trivial but can indeed add extra comfort to your camping trip.

What the weather will be during the entire trip

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Every camper should set his camping dates to be around good weather. But if these are the only dates that you are available for a getaway, you must check the weather forecast for the entire duration of your trip first. It ensures that you can bring the necessary camping gear whether it will be rainy, windy, or sunny in the next few days. Remember that weather has a great impact on your trip so it must be really considered before planning.

The generator requires 1/4 fuel tank capacity to operate

Your RV’s portable generator supplies electricity inside it, thus turning on all the electrical appliances. These devices make your RV stay more comfortable and, somehow, make you feel like you are at your home. However, the generator can only power up your devices if it is more than a quarter full. Otherwise, it will automatically shut off, causing power interruption in your vehicle. Take note of bringing an extra container with fuel to ensure you have electricity throughout your RV vacation.

Noise coming from the generator

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Another thing that every RV camper should know and consider is the noise coming from the generator. Investing in a generator with a low noise level is beneficial not only for you because you will have a good night’s sleep, but to your fellow campers and not be disturbed by the unnecessary noise created by it.

Power ratings of electrical appliances inside your RV

Since your generator has a maximum power output rating, you have to make sure that the sum of all the power ratings of your electrical devices is below the generator’s output. Otherwise, the appliances will not turn on.

Follow camping ground rules

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Always take note of adhering to the campground rules. It is a form of showing respect to the camp owner, fellow campers, and the environment.

Always bring cash

It is always a necessity to bring cash along with your every trip. You never know what emergency or trouble you might, unfortunately, get into, so it is indeed better to be safe than sorry. You may also bring credit and debit cards if you do not like having cash with you.

Always have a first aid kit

Activities like RV camping requires you to expose yourself to the great outdoors. And the more you are exposed to the outside, the more you are prone to accidents and injuries. It is always a great idea to bring a first aid kit that you can use if such terrible events occurred.

Bring an emergency car kit

You’ll never know what will happen to your journey on the way to the campsite even if you check your vehicle before you leave. For that reason, it is ideal to always have your emergency car kit with you. You can make your own kit by including pliers, screwdrivers, jack, and other stuff that you think will be helpful if ever you had any roadside predicament.

Always stay alert

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Every RV camper needs to stay safe, especially when he is in an area that is new and is unfamiliar. Alarming situations occur in the most unexpected times, so it is a must that you ensure your personal safety by being aware of the surroundings and what happens around your vehicle. Do not forget to secure your windows and door lock and have security features like a car alarm installed in your RV.

Not to leave trash on the campsite

As a sign of respect to the camping site owner and your fellow campers, you should never leave your garbage on the site. Bring your own trash bags, segregate your wastes, and clean the area where you camped.

Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous

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Well, it is nice to plan your camping trip, but it is also not bad to be spontaneous sometimes. Spontaneity adds excitement and thrill to your trip, making it more enjoyable, memorable, and fun. Don’t be afraid to take risks because that’s where fun is.


This read aimed to have insights on things that you should note if you are an RV camper. We hope that the information we have listed above will help you make your next RV camping one for the books. So, best of luck!

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