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Tips for selecting Vacuum Cleaners – 2024 Guide

What kind of cleaning you need for your carpet, whether a thoroughly professional vacuuming or just light vacuuming, determines the choice of a vacuum cleaner.  Besides, the type of carpet is also a consideration. If you have all to wall carpet that is thick enough to sink the heels or lots of rugs to clean, then you need a powerful vacuum cleaner like the upright vacuum cleaner with bags that can extract a lot of dirt and debris from the deep layers of the carpet. The upright vacuum cleaners are heavy and not suitable for carrying around that may be necessary for vacuuming stairs. In such cases, the canister vacuum cleaners are the most suitable equipment because it is easy to maneuver and perform well on hard surfaces and floors made of tile or hardwood.

According to , cleaning carpets may be routine housekeeping work, but there are moments when unscheduled cleaning becomes necessary, especially during spillages, which need urgent cleaning. Spillages are bad for carpets if allowed to persist for long, and for prompt cleaning, you need the lightweight and easy to operate cordless stick vacuum cleaners. Stick vacuums, as many people call these handy cleaners, are handheld models that are great for lighter tasks like attending to spillages promptly. If you want a vacuum cleaner that works on its own and relieves you of the hassles of operating it, then the robotic vacuum cleaner is what you need, but be careful to empty the dust bin intermittently.

Upright vacuums

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The upright vacuum cleaners have powerful suction and come with bagged or bagless options and a tilt and push design. This is a traditional floor cleaner that cleans while moving back and forth and excellent for deep cleaning carpets.   Look for an adjustable brush roll that you can turn off when cleaning bare floors and should have the option for height adjustment that comes in handy when cleaning rugs that have various pile thickness. New cordless models are available that ensures unencumbered cleaning. These vacuum cleaners can stand on its own, easy to store, and have a wider cleaning swatch than the canister vacuums. But these are heavy machines that weigh at least 20 lbs. and pulling and pushing might not always be easy.

Canister vacuums

Canister vacuum cleaners are the most versatile cleaners that have many attachments for performing a variety of cleaning tasks. These vacuums are better than upright vacuum cleaners when cleaning bare floors, under furniture, and the stairs. The cleaner is suitable for cleaning upholstery and drapes by using the special attachments meant for it. When it comes to carpet cleaning, it is at par with the upright vacuum cleaners in performance. Since it has a separate powerhead, the equipment is lighter, and the operation is quieter.

Canister vacuum cleaners are apt for cleaning almost anything and everything. It has a motorized brush roll that can clear debris from carpets and, with the help of attachments, can clean the ceiling corners with ease. Moving around with the canister in large rooms is a cumbersome exercise, and it requires two hands to move the equipment across the stairs.

Stick vacuums

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These stylish looking vacuums are the hand-held type that is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The machine uses a rotating brush and has light suction to collect debris in a bag or dustbin. The cleaners have low profile heads that can move around furniture with complete ease. The design of the vacuum is like a stick that has a handle and a powerhead. You can walk along with the vacuum without bending while the machine does all the cleaning. This is a big advantage for those who suffer from back pain. However, the stick vacuums do not clean carpets as thoroughly as the uprights and canisters. The light design makes it suitable for cleaning litters from the surface of carpets and often used in conjunction with other carpet cleaners to complement some cleaning activities.

Handled vacuums

These portable and lightweight models of vacuum cleaners are designed to grab and go. These miniature models are available with cords or cordless. These handy cleaners are excellent for some quick surface cleaning on bare floors or short pile carpets, and some models can also handle upholstery and pet hair as well as for cleaning car interiors.  To keep tables tidy, these cleaners can clear away small mess like breadcrumbs and dirt on tables and can even reach the tight corners of rooms or spaces. Although named vacuum cleaners, which it precisely is, it does not match the cleaning prowess of the vacuum cleaners that we have discussed so far. However, these are no doubt useful for minor cleaning.

Robot vacuums

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Robotic vacuums are the latest additions in the range of vacuum cleaners that use advanced technology for performing cleaning operations all by itself. Once you switch on the cordless machine, it will first take stock of the place and the surrounding by mapping the room to understand what kind of work it must do. It will then start moving around the room to sweep the floor and can wet clean the floor if required while you can stand in one corner and keep watching the wonders of technology. You can even use the machine or make it work when you are away from home. All that you must do is to program it in advance or control it from remote to get the work done.

Besides vacuuming, the robotic vacuums do some housekeeping jobs too, and it can get under furniture that other cleaners cannot access. These cleaners are not as robust as the traditional cleaners and need ample open space to operate smoothly.

Central vacuums

This type of vacuum cleaner does not require moving the main body during cleaning as it stays stationary while you can carry the powerhead and hose only, thus making it easier to use than canisters.  These machines are very quiet and do not require frequent emptying of bags. These are ideal for commercial use due to its high price.

Weigh your options and balance it with your needs and budget to get the right type of vacuum cleaner.

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