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Things To Consider When Starting An Email Campaign

Due to the expansion of social media platforms and numerous apps, it may seem that email is outdated, but that is not true. Research has shown that 85% percent of adults use email on a daily basis, thus this marketing strategy is still extremely effective. If you are thinking about starting your own email marketing campaign in order to advertise your business, keep reading this text, because we are going to discuss some basic aspects of it.

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First of all, you need to build a contact database. Don’t feel discouraged if you are starting one from scratch. You can ask people who visit your website to sign up for a newsletter and encourage your social media followers or leave a sign-up sheet near the register at your store. The best way to ensure that the people provide you with their valid email addresses is to offer them a discount on their purchase. This way you should build relationships with your loyal customers or try to connect with the new ones.

Furthermore, once you have compiled a list of contacts, you should divide them into few categories based on their age and products they are interested in (this is very important if you offer a wider range of different types of merchandise). This way you will be able to create a specific message and send it only to those who will want to read it. Instead of sending a general email to everyone on your list, you will be able to send targeted emails. Also, you will need a tool, like, to validate your email address.

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Next, you have to understand the different types of email. Firstly, there are promotional emails that you should use to advertise a new product or your entire business, to inform customers about a discount or offer coupons. Here, you can create and use templates. People usually don’t have time to read all the messages in great detail, so you should go with something that is fun and that will instantly grab the reader’s attention.

In addition, make sure that the chosen template looks good on any device, especially smartphones because people tend to check their emails while waiting in line or on a bus when going home.

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Secondly, there are newsletters. When it comes to this type, you can organize it however you want. You shouldn’t use it to advertise new items, but instead, you should write about some currently popular topic that is related to your business. If you keep sending the same email for a longer period of time, people will get bored and start to ignore all the messages from your address.

Also, you should invest some time and effort into writing an email. You want it to be different, appealing but also professional. Since the subject line determines whether a person will even open it, it is the most important sentence. You have to come up with something that is short but intriguing. When it comes to the message itself, it has to have a certain form and be organized. Use the introduction or the headline to present your company, tell the reader how they can benefit from your product, and inform them how they can contact you in the conclusion.

To sum up, these are some main points you should be aware of before starting an email campaign. As you can see, it is so much more than just writing and sending a general email to everyone on your contact list.

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