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Best Small RV Rental for your Vacation

If you don’t prefer tent camping, perhaps a small RV is one of the best ways you can travel with your family and view awe-inspiring nature along the way. The good news is that there are various small RV rentals on the market.

However, because there are different types of small RVs for rent, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right one for you. Unfortunately, opting for a wrong RV can spoil your camping experience. This page will explain how you can choose the best small RV rental for your vacation.

Types of small RVs

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You can be surprised that small RVs offer enough luxury, mobility, and freedom you can’t find with a larger RV. Think about it, driving 45 feet long up a narrow road, or maneuvering it around the tight corners of a mountain road is not an easy thing to do.

In most cases, an RV can be the only vehicle you can use while traveling, so if you can’t drive it to where you desire to go, you may not get there. This is the reason why renting a small RV can open up a lot more options for you when it comes to where and how you desire to travel. That said, read this guide to know the various types of small RVs. Below, you can also some of these types of RVs:

Class B RV

If you want to travel in a mini RV that is a smaller version of a full-size RV, you’re going to go for a Class B RV which is sometimes known as a camper van. The exterior of a Class B RV looks like an oversized van.

The inside of this RV usually features a bathroom, kitchen, and living space. However, Class B RVs have limited space, so the toilet and shower may be combined into a single space to save room.

The good news is that a Class B RV is in most cases the least expensive to hire. Even better, because they are smaller in size, you can drive them easily and they provide the best fuel efficiency. Parking them is also quite easy but you may find limited storage space.

Class C RV

A Class C RV is another type of small RV that is also easier to maneuver. You can compare this RV to a large van or pickup truck rather than an RV. However, the features and size of Class C RV usually vary depending on the models. So you can find some models that can sleep four to eight people.

Besides this, most Class C RVs can have the same amenities you find in a larger RV. These amenities include a microwave, sink, stove, and refrigerator, though these appliances can be smaller than what you get in a larger RV.
Keep in mind that a Class C RV is constructed on a cabin chassis, making it easier to identify it as it’s over the cab sleeping space. Because it has a smaller size and aerodynamic design, it is known for being fuel-efficient.

You can also tow a separate vehicle with this type of RV. In such cases, you can leave your RV parked while you move around the local area using your vehicle. Also, some class C RVs have slide-outs to give you additional living and sleeping space.

Pop-up trailers

A pop-up trailer is a small trailer that has expandable canvas walls to enable you to travel light. The other good thing is that you can still enjoy a reasonable amount of interior room when you use them.

Here is the deal, you don’t need to set them up on arrival, such as cranking them up to get to expand the tent portion. You can also find newer pop-up trailers that have automatic set up, making the process quick and easy.

If you want to have lightweight travel and decent room size, then pop-up trailers are suitable for you. You can even find some of these RVs that feature an onboard kitchen, though you may not find a bathroom on board in many Class C RVs.

Teardrop trailers

Teardrop trailers are considered to be micro trailers with a teardrop shape. However, they have limited amenities, and you may only find a bed inside and possibly a fold-out external kitchen.

Thankfully, a teardrop trailer is light enough to be towed even by some sedans and SUVs. You can also enjoy hiring and using these RVs because they are affordable and attractive for a quick weekend getaway.

Truck trailers

Truck trailers usually sit on the bed of pickup trucks so that you can use them anywhere if you take them along. But you need to make sure that the truck has enough payload to support it, so you are likely going to rent the entire setup that includes the auxiliary vehicle.

Renting a small RV

It’s quite easy to rent a small RV, though it might be hard to find them on the market. Unfortunately, some traditional rental agencies don’t offer these small RVs while others have various types of small RVs. It’s important to know that the price of small RVs can depend on the type of RV you want to hire, your location, and how long you want to use it.

In most cases, you can rent small RVs for less money than the larger RVs and they are also fuel-efficient. Aside from this, you should always test-drive an RV before you rent it. This can help you spend time in it and understand the features it has and how to use them.

Renting an RV also requires spending time looking for the right one at a dealership or from online hiring agencies. This can help you narrow your options, but you should always check the number of people it can sleep, kitchen facilities, and shower space.

These are perhaps some of the crucial amenities that you may need while spending time driving and camping. Even though you want to buy an RV, it makes sense to rent one and drive it so you can increase your confidence in your camper buying.

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