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Beginner’s Luck Theory Explained: The Greatest Slot Hack – 2024 Tips

Yes, we are going to share with you the best slot hack discovered! This hack will explain how online casinos and their games work hand in hand to help you win and to make you lose. Forget everything else you have ever read about cheats for casino games. Our advice will illuminate the facts and clearly explain how they are all connected within one massive database of information that knows everything about you as a player.

Looking at the overall factors

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As a player, you must first understand the development of casino games, how they are made and programmed. By knowing this, you can see how the pieces of the jigsaw start falling into place.

Casino games, be it slots, or poker tables are built with one of two available algorithms that are industry and regulatory approved.

The first algorithm is a return to player calculation, also called RTP in the gaming data, which can be found and located by clicking on the Game Information button. Video Slot RTP determines when the machine pays for money invested by all players who access the same slot machines worldwide. When the number of payments reaches the correct percentage, then it is payday for the lucky players on the game at that time.

The second algorithms used is the random number generator. This is seen as a more favourable algorithm. As you bet, the game is continuously developing two random numerical codes, when these numbers match, you hit the payout. They are known as RNG machines, which, in addition to blackjack and table games like roulette, are mainly used for virtual cards like video poker. Although some developers like to use it on their slot machines, they are considered “fairer” and therefore make it a popular resource.

Data hub management tool

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The gaming production is only half of the issue when it comes to hacking the online slots. When you join an online casino, and we recommend that if you do, you do so from independent sites such as where you will find comparison reviews and services. When you sign up, there is no escaping the fact that your info will be kept on a data management tool.

These casino management systems store your gaming data from how often you play, favourite games, how much you deposit, win, lose, and lots more. This management tool is linked with the games and feeds the data hub with everything it needs to know.

For fairness, to a degree, it will calculate when you win but also when you lose. If you win, remember, the casino will always have a higher profit margin than you.

For example, you could win $1,000 from a spin, but it may have taken you to spend $1,500 to land that win.  What follows is the beginner’s luck technique that is proven to give you a greater advantage over all online casinos, so your profit margins are above the casino’s.

Get beginner’s luck’ every time

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So, what is beginner’s luck? Well, named so because it seems that every new player to a game wins all the time. Odd, but it is hugely purposeful. It comes down to the fact the program of the games and the management tool has no data on your account to influence the outcomes.  So, this is what the hack tries to achieve, maintaining that limited information and have the casino believe you are a newly registered player each time you load up one of their games to play.

The steps are simple, granted it may take a few goes to get the hang of the instructions till you see and understand the process yourself and it becomes instinctual.

Now follow these steps closely to help you achieve better winning averages going forward from here-on-in:

    1. Sign up to your preferred casino.
    2. Opting for the bonus is optional but not entirely essential
    3. Deposit money to play. You will only need to put in approximately $50.
    4. Play only newly released and popular games because they have a higher chance of paying out more frequently.
    5. Once you hit or land any Big Win, on your next spin play at the minimum wager or a value one-higher than that of minimum if you were already on this. This is used and done as a marker which we will come back to.
    6. Play that one spin only and end the game after, win or loser. Withdraw your profited winnings.
    7. At this stage, you can play the next new game but be sure it is made by the same developer. Alternatively, you should log off your account and stop playing.
    8. When you do stop playing, log out with winnings withdrawn. Delete any app and browser history and not return for 29 to 32 days. This allows for data to clear from the management tool and to have the system think you are a new player when you return.
    9. Return by login in and going via your app if re-downloaded. Head to the last game you played. Check the wagering value it is set at; it should not be the same value as what you last played, and it should have reverted to the default amount. If the same, then do not play and wait a week to check. If defaulted, continue playing till you win.
    10. From this point, you can follow on from step 3.
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Taking a break from the casino is essential. Not only will you be clearing your cache of stored information, but the casino will also have to enact the same procedure in wiping their system of glitches and bugs once a month.

This is your hack, now, will it work 100% of the time? No! However, the data shows that on average you will improve your profits by 80% times more doing it this way.

The key is knowing the popular games, knowing when to stop playing and having patience.

As you become adapted to the games and the developers that make the titles you win from, you can start seeing the bigger picture to how casinos online function.

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