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How Drinking Tea or Coffee Can Help You Focus at Work – 2024 Review

When was the last time you paid full attention to your task for a whole 30 minutes without getting distracted by social media? In the current digital economy, there are so many distractions that could make it tough to give full focus to work, which ultimately affects productivity. The good news is that coffee and tea have been scientifically proven to help people find a balance and concentrate. The two beverages, which can be purchased from the online Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company, have been found to boost energy, alertness, focus and mental performance.

The Coffee and Tea Alertness Narrative

If you are weighing coffee versus tea to determine the best drink for boosting your concentration, you are not alone. For many working people, coffee has for decades been the de facto drink, with almost every office having a communal coffee machine. But, did you also know that tea is a strong beverage with excellent capacities to boost your brainpower? Let’s weigh in on both.


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All types of coffee have an intoxicating aroma that jolts alertness almost instantly, thereby serving as a popular daily wake-up call. Research points to it as a brew rich with antioxidants, with the ability to ward off illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart ailments. But, how does it influence concentration? You might ask.

Well, consuming a cup of coffee any time of the day causes the caffeine present in it to land on the brain’s neurotransmitter known as the adenosine. This neurotransmitter is responsible for controlling alertness and sleep. The moment the caffeine gets to the adenosine receptors, it blocks its functions, giving your brain the cognitive boost you need to stay alert.


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Although coffee has for decades been touted as the primary alertness trigger, tea, particularly the ayurvedic tea, which can be purchased from an online tea and coffee shop, has been proven to contain mental health benefits that boost productivity.

Like coffee, loose leaf tea contains large amounts of antioxidants. More so, teas, especially the herbal ones such as the ayurvedic tea available in tea bags online are rich in catechins, polyphenols and phytochemicals that are necessary for fighting chronic diseases such as cancer. They also boost the brain’s cognitive health, helping you to stay alert at work.

How Tea and Coffee Help with Productivity

Both of these caffeinated drinks have proven benefits when it comes to productivity. The best part is that you can buy coffee beans online or buy loose tea from a tea bag online shop. The drinks serve as excellent combinations for reducing fatigue, improving focus and alertness and ultimately boosting productivity at work.

Memory and Cognition

The consumption of coffee or tea has been in many studies and revealed to boost cognitive function and memory. A study shows that caffeinated brews improve cognitive performance by boosting attention. In that case, drinking a cup of tea, such as ayurvedic tea or coffee will help you remember more details from your meeting and help you solve problems quickly. All you have to do it take advantage of different types of coffee or tea bag offers from your online tea and coffee shop.


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Have you ever woken up and felt too fatigued to go to work only to take a cup of coffee or tea and felt rejuvenated? A feeling of fatigue or tiredness can no doubt leave you feeling less motivated to work. However, caffeinated beverages can mitigate the effects and boost your performance. Whenever you suffer from a headache, try drinking a cup of caffeinated drink.

These drinks are excellent at reducing inflammation and relieving pain that could hamper your ability to work. The drinks from Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company help your brain to release the feel-good chemical known as dopamine. This agent boosts mood and stabilizes emotions, allowing you to work better.

Find Out What Works Best for you

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Few things are as soothing as enjoying a cup of ayurvedic tea or coffee any time of day. But, there is always a limit to everything. Tea bags, for instance, which can be purchased from a tea bag online shop may contain between 20-60 mg of caffeine, depending on the brewing method used. With that, you are advised not to take more than three cups a day.

Consuming too much caffeine from tea bags can ultimately contribute to stress, restlessness and anxiety. Certain tea bags online such as the black tea contain higher amounts of caffeine compared to the green and white varieties. It means than teas with lesser caffeine doses such as ayurvedic tea will be more unlikely to cause major feelings of anxiety.

With coffee, you are advised not to take more than five cups a day. Taken in moderation, coffee will not only keep you focused but also reduce your risk of suffering from Type 2 diabetes. It will also eliminate free radicals that could harm your cells, leaving your body vulnerable to illnesses. However, be cautious with this beverage. It can be addictive, causing you to be highly dependent. In turn, it could leave you fatigued and interfere with your performance.

Just like loose leaf tea, the caffeine present in coffee can stimulate the production of fight or flight chemical known as adrenaline. This chemical is produced when the brain is stressed, and taken in small quantities; caffeine can give you the boost of energy you need. Excessive caffeine, however, can result in panic attacks and heighten your restlessness. It will mean having a hard time settling down to get your work done. When looking to buy loose tea, coffee or searching for tea bag offers online, remember that caffeine is a drug that could result in withdrawal effects when taken in large amounts.

The Bottom Line

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With the studies completed, it is clear that the caffeine present in tea and coffee improves productivity. It is excellent at boosting cognitive function, improving the overall health, and helping you feel more alert during work hours. This is because it is an efficient and powerful stimulant. Many studies show that taking caffeine in moderation can be highly effective, offering your body a quick boost of energy. It has also been proven to boost accuracy in reactions, performance and reasoning.

Remember, its effectiveness is dependent on the body type, time of day, dosage and weight. If you are trying caffeinated drinks for the first time, expect to gain the benefits of this energy powerhouse. When working and feeling less motivating, down a cup of coffee or tea to get the energy boost you need to get work done. Buy coffee beans online and tea bags from Kent & Sussex tea & Coffee Company for the fairest deal. For the best varieties of coffee and tea, click here.

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