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Tamil Cinema Music – 6 Most Popular Film Soundtrack Choices

Tamil cinema is well known for always producing quality music, and has had a great start this year. Tamil film music listeners are certainly spoilt for choice considering the variety and the vibrant range of songs that have hit the deck. While Tamil music veterans have not surfaced that much these years yet, the Tamil music scene has been the playground for younger music directors who seems to be just as good when it comes to creating repeat-worthy soundtracks. Let’s look at the most popular choices in the Tamil music industry.

Darbuka Siva – Visiri

Visiri is the third single of Darbuka Siva in his already amazing ‘Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta’ for Gautham Menon. While keeping it simple, the composer brought Sid Sriram for the third time in the album to come up with this amazing love jingle that has found the way into a lot of playlists instantly.

Ajaneesh Loknath and Darbuka Siva – Nimir

Just a few weeks later, the same composer had a few more gems ready to unveil, bringing in two incredible tracks in Udhaynidhi Stalin starrer Nimir. ‘Geedhara Kiliye’ and ‘Yaenadi’ were two minimalistic songs that quickly caught everyone’s attention. The albums also had the catchy melody ‘Nenjil Maamazhai’ which was composed by Ajaneesh Loknath that later became a people’s favorite. Nimir ended up becoming a very successful multi-composer soundtrack, a phenomenon that is not so popular in the south, completely opposite of up north.

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D. Imman – Tik Tik Tik

In composer D. Imman’s (best known for his music for Jilla and Kumki) 100th official album Tik Tik Tik, he created two outstanding numbers in the title track and ‘Kurumba’. One was a careful song ballad fusion on the relationship between a young son and his father which easily locks itself as the best choice of the album.

Vijay Antony – Kaali

Vijay Antony created a feel-good and likable love song that impressed with its vocal reign from Janaki Iyer and Nivas. Over some time, it managed to become a regular on many FM stations.

Anirudh – Thaana Serndha Koottam

In Thaana Serndha Koottaam, Anirudh successfully returned to his lion range with the number ‘Sodakku” which is an incredibly addictive street dance song that had its tempo at the zenith. Singer Anthony Daasan also received big amounts of praise for his energetic performance, and with Vignesh Shivn’s lyrics cleverly taking a jab at the high men, the song was surely getting on the charts. Other tracks on the album like ‘Naana Thaana’ or ‘Enge Endru Povathu’ also struck a chord with its target listeners, making this a must-listen album to take home. The album was released around the time of the Pongal festival, which resulted in a lot of airtime.

S. Thaman – Sketch

Thaman’s smooth-sailing and lovely soundtrack in Sketch was also a pretty radio-friendly album that released during the festive seasons. However, this time around, Thaman adopted a soft approach to his album, coming up with three melodies, the theme track and one intro song which broke the charts.

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