Why Do People Still Buy Vinyl Records If There’s Digital In 2024?

The world has really come a long way.

From having music pressed on big, bulky impressionable physical vinyl records, we now literally have untouchable digital music that can be accessed anywhere as long as there’s a computer or cellular phone.

With the convenience digital music and online streaming sites have offered music fans, we surely have all the right to wonder why people are still buying the ancient vinyl record format.

Just when everyone thought the format will forever be buried, never to be unearthed, the vinyl record resurfaces and its sales even rose. According to, blog news and articles on custom vinyl records, vinyl record sales in 2024 was even higher than that of CDs.

Evidence Of The Vinyl Record Comeback

The “Vinyl Record Comeback” Phenomenon is not just some assumption by vinyl record fanatics. The format is indeed coming back and we suspect we have the pandemic to thank for.

Maybe many people got tired of consuming anything digital. But this is just our suspicion. Vinyl has actually been slowly back in the arena since 2006 but 2024 was the year it says “I’m back, bitchiz!”

Take a look:

US vinyl sales surpassed US CD sales last year. This was a first since the CD format took over vinyl records in the 80’s.

In addition to the many increasing vinyl record statistics, many famous and seasoned artists have sold tons of vinyl record copies.

We have Billie Eilish who sold over 70, 000 units of her “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”, as of now. Moreover, we have Taylor Swift with her “Folklore” album that reached top 1 on Official Charts Company’s (OCC) Official Vinyl Albums Chart as soon as it was released. For more information you can visit

Why Are People Buying Vinyl Records When There’s Streaming?

Not only that. Vinyl record is known for being an expensive physical audio format. Not just that, it is known for being fragile, needy, and susceptible to external damages. But despite all that, why do people still buy them?

Richer and Higher Sound Quality

First and foremost, vinyl records produce a richer and higher sound quality. Due to being an analog format, the vinyl record grooves are exact replicas of the sound waves of a track. There is no musical information lost, unlike with digital formats.

Try listening to one song on Spotify and then listen to it on vinyl record afterwards. I’m sure you will agree that the Spotify (digital) version pales in comparison to the vinyl record (analog) version.

It’s something you can touch


The format offers a more tactile experience which digital music can never offer. As previously mentioned, the format is fragile, needy, and susceptible to external damage. With all these qualities, vinyl record owners need to take care of them and watch over them.

They need to be dusted and wiped with microfiber cloth. Storage must be taken into account to ensure that there will be no warping, heat damages, or positive static created. Moreover, records need to be flipped to continue listening to the rest of an album.

Better Listening Experience

Due to the higher sound quality and tactility it gives, it, in turn, offers a better listening experience to music fans. It’s better because it would feel like the musicians are playing to you live, especially when you keep your eyes closed.

Its tactility will make people feel like they’re part of the production of a better quality sound. Most especially since they cleaned the records which is technically the reason why a vinyl record’s sound will not degrade.


Vinyl is popular for the awesome artworks on their big vinyl jackets and inner sleeves which is the main reason why people love collecting them. Moreover, vinyl records are much more customizable today.

There are many ways to make vinyl records unique. You can choose among a wide option of colors and pick between having it solid or see through. Moreover, vinyl records can now glow in the dark, can bear pictures and other things, and can even be cut into any shape.

A Sign of Support for the artists


Another reason why people still buy vinyl records is the fact that they are a sign of support. Many people who are fans of musicians love to show their support either through messages or through their money.

By selling out the album of a fan’s favorite musician, they give a message to their fave saying: “Your album is sold out because we love your music.” Moreover, buying vinyl records help musicians gain more funds to continue making and sharing their music.

Digital music still helps in gaining money, but streaming pays cheap. And that cheap pay still needs to be divided among the people part of the music production, like the lyricist and producer.

It’s actually a good investment

Vinyl records are not just great collection items, they are also good money investments. Unlike digital music, vinyl records can be owned which means you can sell them someday in the future.

And with the increasing popularity of the format, selling vinyl records will be a piece of cake. What’s great about this is that fans might be able to sell them at a higher price, maybe even double it, especially if it’s a rare well taken care of vinyl record.

Great Buying Experience

Buying vinyl records is another reason why people love buying them, it’s a whole new experience. When buying vinyl records, people will need to go visit a record store and personally find the one they want to buy.

If they are lucky, they might even discover new music there while rummaging through vinyl records from aisle to aisle. They can even ask the owner for recommendations and play vinyl records on an available turntable.

Impact Of More People Buying The Format


Thanks to people buying more and more vinyl records, musicians have gained a great benefit from it. Pressing plants are now offering short run vinyl pressings and are even competing against each other to be one of the manufacturers that has the fastest vinyl record pressing service.

Short run vinyl pressing is a good thing for you musicians because it will help you save more money. In addition, you won’t need to worry about ordering a thousand copies just to be able to continue with your order. You can now choose a hundred or even as low as only one copy ordered with short run vinyl pressing.

Vinyl is an old format that has gone through the test of time. Even after decades have passed after its glory, vinyl is still very much alive!

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