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Why You Should Use A Water Flosser For Oral Health

Plaque is the number one reason we have to go to the dentist. Plaque accumulates on your teeth, causing cavities and making your gums sore. One way to get rid of plaque, or prevent it from ever accumulating, is to floss and brush regularly. But there is a new product on the dental market that helps prevent plaque from ever becoming an issue, and that product is a water flosser.

In this article, we are going to talk about what is a water flosser and whether or not you should use one.

Much Like Regular String Flossing, a Water Flosser Cleans Your Teeth

The American Dental Association says that regular flossing and brushing are of utmost importance. Since food and drink particles release acid that damages your enamel, it’s very important to practice flossing and brushing after every meal. The acids released from food and drinks can drill into your teeth, causing cavities, gingivitis, and eventually, gum disease.

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As simple as brushing twice per day can prevent this, but you can also be extra careful and do it after every meal. But brushing with a toothbrush doesn’t often clean the small areas between your teeth. To reach these small areas, we need to floss. String flossing was the solution to this problem, but it can become very time-consuming. So that’s why we’re going to tell you about another option, a water flosser.

A water flosser is s handheld device that shoots streams of water directly to where you point it. The stream is hard enough to clean between your teeth but soft enough not to harm your gums. The liquid is not entirely made out of the water, according to Thetoothbrushexpert, and it mostly contains mouthwash.

A Water Flosser Can Help You, Depending On Your Preference

To put it simply, a water flosser is like hosing down your deck with water, while string flossing is like sweeping it. Both hosing and sweeping get the job done, but something your deck needs to be washed for it to be thoroughly cleaned, and that’s what a water flosser does. Both water and string flossing do the same thing, achieved through different methods, but one is somewhat more effective than the other, according to the American Dental Association.

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Below, we will tell you when you would need a water flosser.

  • A water flosser will be needed if you’re not thorough enough with your brushing and flossing. Diligence is very important when both brushing and flossing, but something shoving the string between your teeth is just not enough.
  • If you have braces or a permanent retainer, then flossing and brushing can be difficult. In this case, a water flosser is a perfect method of cleaning your teeth from leftover food and drink particles.
  • A water flosser might be the solution for you if your teeth aren’t straight. This device will make it super easy for you if you have trouble running the string up and down, back and forth all the time.
  • If you hate traditional flossing, and you’re super annoyed at how much time consuming it can be, then get a water flosser to make everything easier.

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