What You Need to Start Your Own Car Rental Business

Every person at least once in his life has thought about opening his own business, which will benefit those around him and profit the owner. Not everyone can dare to open their own business, so you need to be purposeful and strong-willed.

First of all, you should decide on the direction of your business. It is not necessary to discover something sensational, it is enough to be well-versed in the chosen field. So you can become the best in your city.

Car hire abilities are an extremely cool service for tourists and quite profitable for business owners. Travelers can hire an SUV for their trip and even test-drive their dream model. But what do you need to know to open your own business with car hire? For this, several useful tips will help you in opening an enterprise.

Market assessment


Car hire is a popular and interesting service all over the world. Currently, there are many popular companies in the world that already have regular customers. However, everyone can make a profit in this market.

Traveling in Scotland, a tourist can rent a car at Glasgow Airport with This is the best option for the trip. A tourist can choose any brand and class of car very quickly and qualitatively.

Before starting a business, you should research the market. It is important to understand exactly what car the tenant wants to get. The assessment is carried out according to the following indicators:

  • the convenience of the car;
  • appearance;
  • gearbox (automatic is most often chosen);
  • price;
  • more parameters;
  • capacity.

To begin with, you can buy old cars for your fleet, the age of which should be about 2-3 years.

Why should you open a car rental business?


The idea of creating a car rental business is suitable not only for an experienced entrepreneur but also for a beginner. You can engage in this business at least because it has many of the following advantages:

  • It does not need serious investments. If a businessman does not have a lot of capital, he can start by buying just a few old cars. But experienced entrepreneurs are better off getting 10 cars at once. This will allow you to reach a high level of profit.
  • Minimal current costs. After buying a car, significant expenses are excluded. Gasoline is paid for by the client himself, and breakdowns are possible, but in most cases, they do not involve large cash infusions. And having car insurance will cut the need to restore it at your own expense in the event of an accident. All that will need to be paid for is the technical inspection and insurance.
  • The possibility of receiving extra income. When the car pays off its value, it can be sold. This will increase the level of income and profitability.
  • No serious investment of time is required. It is not necessary to devote all your time to this matter. It is enough to answer incoming calls, and issue and receive cars. This format of conducting business allows a person to work at a regular job and do his own business without any additional obligations.
  • No skills or abilities are required. Indeed, you can rent a car without any special personal qualities or professionalism. Even creative thinking in this area is not necessary, because the car will sell itself. You only need to place an ad about the service in local newspapers and on free bulletin boards.



Choose the location of your business. To do this, research the market of your competitors and find a place away from other rental companies. The most attractive for tourists who want to hire a car in Glasgow will be visible and safe places, such as the airport, the city center, and the train station.

If you still decide to open your business near competitors, come up with a unique service that will interest customers. For example, you can rent a car for a wedding or other holidays. It is better to pay for such a car by the hour because it is usually not rented for the whole day. So the circle of customers becomes even wider.

Cost estimate

Creating a business requires considerable costs, so you need to calculate everything in advance:

  • To begin with, you should think about the premises. The best place for the salon will be a room located in the center, in which you can arrange car repair, a car wash, a car fleet, as well as a room for staff.
  • The next point of expenditure is the filling of the car park – approximately 30 cars. You can buy all the cars yourself, or use a taxi which might be a cheaper option.
  • Fixed expenses include the payment of wages to employees, rent payments, car repairs, utility bills, etc.

You can also use a franchise agreement with another company. This is a good and cheap option for a beginner in the car rental business.

Rental rules


Car hire abilities also have rules. You need to create your list of rules. The most common 5 rules for renting a car include the following items:

  • Age of the client (the safest is 24);
  • Driving experience – at least 4 years;
  • Necessary documents – identity cards, vouchers, international driver’s license, and credit card;
  • Term of the lease;
  • Mileage rate.

Business risks

Risks are an integral part of any business. There are also risks involved in renting a car – such as breakdowns, road accidents, or thefts. There are several options to protect your business from risks:

  • Insurance of all cars.
  • Deposit, which is returned if the car is returned in its original form.
  • Daily mileage limit.

So to avoid possible risks, it is necessary to think through the right contract with the client.

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