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Are SUVs better Buys than Sedans

SUVs are becoming more popular than sedans in the Australian market. If you plan to buy a used SUV, then you should do careful due diligence. You can get a car history report from REVS Check by providing the VIN number or registration number and paying a small fee. The car history report can help you make informed buying decisions.

These cars have emerged as better buying choice than sedans for the car buyers in recent years due to the following reasons:

Sturdier and More Versatile

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If you need a sturdy and versatile car, then SUV is better suited to meet your needs than sedans. They are muscular and sturdy cars which are also generally more powerful than sedans. They are also great off-road cars which come in handy if you want to go on an off-road excursion. A sedan will be best suited to city traffic and will not provide you off-road support when you want to drive to off-road terrains. Most SUV models these days come with a four-wheel-drive variant that provides you enough power to conquer the steepest off-road terrains. They also come equipped with a traction control system which provides you a better grip in such grueling off-road terrain.

They Carry More People

They are more spacious compared to sedans. They are the perfect vehicle for you if you have a large family. Their passenger capacity is considerably more than sedans. You will also get better leg space and headspace in them compared to sedans. In addition to this, you also get a larger cargo space when you decide to buy them which is ideal while taking a long family trip. The larger cargo area means that you can carry along your pets and give them a smoother and more comfortable ride. You can also change the cargo area depending upon your requirement by folding the second or third seating row in the SUV.

Better Ground Clearance

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SUVs provide you better ground clearance compared to sedans. If you prefer a full view of the road ahead while driving, then they are just the perfect cars for you. You can easily spot any potholes and cracks on the road while driving them. This will help you to drive safely and protect your car and ensure that it is kept in good running condition. Greater ground clearance also provides you a distinct advantage in identifying parking spots. Better ground clearance also helps your car stay protected from speed breakers and bumps on the road. You can use a car user guide manual from if you need help navigating your SUV.

They Have Become More Fuel Efficient

SUVs were earlier criticized for guzzling a lot of fuel and being fuel inefficient. However, with better technology, things have changed, and they have become more fuel-efficient. This brings down your overall cost of running them significantly. The improved fuel efficiency of SUVs is a major factor that has contributed to its immense popularity in the Australian market. A well-maintained SUV can provide you fuel efficiency which will be close to what a sedan can offer.

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