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Sports Drink: Should You Consider It to Be Your Primary Hydration Source?

If you ever watch sports or follow a sportsperson on Instagram, you have probably observed athletes drinking bright-colored beverages from fancy bottles or shakers during, before, and after a game. These sports drinks are a crucial part of an athlete’s life and hence, have become a gigantic business worldwide. For the mundane, these drinks have become the magic potions to enhance exercise performance, stamina, and energy. But are they capable of playing their part? According to Fortune Business Insights, the global sports drink market is projected to reach USD 32.61 billion by 2026. One of the major drivers of the growth of this industry is the launch of a wide range of organic sports drinks by manufacturers. They are capable of meeting the required nutritional demand of every consumer.

What are the Benefits of Consuming Sports Drinks?

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  • High Protein Levels:, a free consumer resource providing information on sports nutrition & exercises declared that athletes who consume drinks blended with protein and carbohydrates are able to perform much better than those consuming only carbohydrate-based fluids. Nowadays, most of these drinks contain high amounts of protein.
  • Easy to Digest: Unlike food items, sports drinks are very easy to digest. As these drinks consist of minerals and vitamins, you will be able to feel full and digest those vital elements required to perform better. Even meal replacement bars or protein bars cannot be digested so quickly.
  • Fluid Replacement: The most common reason active adults and sportspersons consume these drinks is because they have been sweating as a result of vigorous training processes. A body is capable of losing lots of essential fluids and vitamins through sweat. Thus, by having sports drinks, they can efficiently replenish their bodies with the lost elements.

Applied Nutrition Unveils Latest Range of Energy & Performance Drinks under ABE Brand

Applied Nutrition, a renowned provider of supplements based in the U.K., introduced its new range of energy and performance beverages in August 2024. It was launched under the company’s ABE brand. They are available in four flavors, namely, American grape soda, orange burst, blue lagoon, and fruit candy. Each 330ml can possess zero carbohydrates, calories, colors, artificial preservatives, and sugar.

According to one of the company officials, “The new drink is a carbonated version of our ‘ultimate pre-workout’ products that are available in the form of ready-to-mix powder, sachets, and gels. The drinks include citrulline, electrolytes, Taurine, vitamin B, and 200mg of caffeine to enhance blood flow.”

PureHeart Energy to Debut its Organic NRG Water at ECRM’s Virtual Event

In August 2024, PureHeart Energy, a manufacturer of organic energy drinks headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, announced its plans to launch two of its organic energy-water drinks in America. The new products will be debuted at ECRM’s Vitamin, Weight Management, Beverage, and Sports Nutrition Program. ECRM brings unique brands, products, and buyers together for privately held one-on-one meetings. However, this year, owing to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization will be conducting virtual events in October.

One of the co-founders of PureHeart Energy, Bill Boyd, mentioned, “We are very excited about the fact that our new product, Organic NRG Water will be introduced amid more than 50 prominent retailers in the nation, such as Walgreens, Sam’s Club, and CVS Health. The beverages include caffeine from South American Guarana berries, organic fruits, and spring water. They will be available in two delicious flavors, namely, lime & mint and pineapple & mango. Apart from that, they are gluten-free and vegan. It will provide a stamina boost to your mind and body.”

Xiaoyangren Launches New Sports Drinks with Aptar’s Novel Packaging Solution

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In July 2024, Xiaoyangren, a manufacturer and distributor of milk-based drinks headquartered in China unveiled its latest range of sports drinks. The innovative designs of the bottles feature Simplisqueeze, Aptar’s flow control silicon valve that would help in preventing leakages if the closure is open. Besides, they have dynamic shapes with clam-shell caps for easy flipping. The company’s target market is the younger generation who follow the latest fashion trends and love sports activities. As per the officials, the unique design of every bottle would attract the attention of Generation Z.

Sales of Sports Drinks Surges amid COVID-19 for Gaining Nutrients: Cowen

In April 2024, Cowen, Inc., a multinational independent investment bank based in the U.S. mentioned that since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales of sports drinks exhibited a growth of 39.8% during the first four weeks till 21st March. Many people are rapidly inclining towards them for consuming additional nutrients and electrolytes whenever they are feeling sick. Also, the sales of bottled water surged tremendously across the U.S. on account of panic buying practices.

Powerade to Add Power Water & Ultra Beverages for Changing Exercise Habits

In January 2024, the Coca-Cola Company declared that it will soon add two new product lines to Powerade for transforming the exercise habits of the consumers. This new launch would also help the company to battle the comeback of Gatorade, it is rival. Coke is striving persistently to adapt to changing consumer behavior by introducing new products, such as Smartwater alkaline water and AHA sparkling water.

The company’s two latest products are called Powerade Ultra and Powerade Power Water. Ultra is equipped with 50% more electrolytes, as compared to the classic Powerade. Power Water, on the other hand, is water-based. It is best suited for those who might wear athleisure clothing, walk, or jog on a regular basis. Both these products will be available in three flavors without any calories and sugar.

A Futuristic Overview

The millennial population is constantly shifting towards fitness and sports-related activities. Coupled with this, the increasing disposable incomes of the masses would affect the industry positively. As per MyProtein, a nutrition company, in January 2018, Americans spent the maximum amount on fitness than any other activity. Additionally, the governments of several countries are taking initiatives to increase sports participation, thereby surging the demand for these drinks. In the coming years, the industry is set to showcase the entry of multiple manufacturers aiming to launch state-of-the-art products.

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