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What are Some of the Factors that Affect Pool Color?

Have you ever looked at a pool and noticed that the colour looks different since the last time you saw it? Well, there are several variables besides the finish of your pool that can affect the colour your water may appear. We understand pool owners always want their pool to look its best, so here are some of the factors that can affect your pool colour.

The main two include:

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  • The surface of your pool

The first and probably most obvious one is the surface of your pool. As water is clear, the type of finish that’s on the interior surface will affect the colour that your pool water will appear. Advanced technology gel coat colours that are found in high-quality fibreglass pools are highly pigmented and adding water does not dull the colour of the pool shell.

  • Sunlight

The intensity and direction the sunlight is shining on your pool can have a vast effect on the appearance of the colour. Your pool will look its brightest and gleam the most when it is in direct sunlight on a sunny, clear day. When it is cloudy, early in the morning or late in the afternoon your pool will appear much less vibrant. The water will not only reflect its surroundings but the sky too. If its overcast, your pool will reflect the sky and may appear dull compared to normal.

If your pool is situated in the shade for most of the day, your pool water may not seem as bright as it appeared to be when you chose it in the showroom. It will be similar, however, you may not get the shimmer that you would if your pool were in the sun.

When sunlight reaches your pool some of it infiltrates into the water and some of it reflects back. Sometimes when your pool is in full sun, the glare from the water may stun your eyes. This is a result of the sunlight hitting the water and rebounding back towards you.

Other contributing factors include:

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  • The depth and size of your pool

Another factor that can affect your pool colour is the depth and size of your pool. Put simply, the deeper your pool is, the darker it will appear. The shallower your pool is, the lighter it will seem. You can create an illusion of a deep pool by choosing a dark blue finish rather than a light one. Although, your water will still appear clear in shallow areas such as your steps and ledges.

  • Reflections

The colour of your pool water appears can be greatly affected by the colours of the environment around it. The lighter your surroundings, the lighter your pool will look. If you have a substantial amount of greenery around your pool, your pool will appear greener. This is a direct result of reflection. As water is clear, the surroundings reflect off the surface of the water creating an illusion that the water is matched to its surroundings.

  • Lights

Whilst your pools interior surface and sunlight are the front runners when it comes to affecting the colour of your pool water, coloured light fittings provide you with an opportunity to alter the colour of your pool water to any colour you like. Lights are great for enhancing or altering the colour of your pool, especially ones that are located in the shade or they can be used to light up your pool at night time.

  • Water movement

Water movement can change the appearance of your pool water. Wind or a pool with water features and fountains forces the water to move, it creates light prisms making your pool look much brighter. While this does not change the colour of the water, it adds dimension and depth.

Chemical levels of your pool

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If your pool water is cloudy or murky it may be because your chemical levels are off. When your pool water is imbalanced or your filtration system is not working adequately, it can cause algae and bacteria to multiply. Another thing that can affect the colour of your pool is minerals and heavy metals. You can buy a water testing kit to test your water levels if you are concerned about the colour of your water, they are user friendly and can tell you which chemicals are balanced and imbalanced.

Whilst most organic factors such as the sun and weather are not controllable when it comes to altering the colour of your pool, there are a few clever things you can put in place before installation has begun.

Here are some factors to keep in mind if you want to influence the overall colour of your pool:

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  • Organic considerations
  • The amount of natural light your pool will get everyday
  • How much sun will be directly on your pool?
  • The colour scheme of the landscape around your pool
  • Whether your house acts as a windbreak or not

Construction considerations

  • The depth of your pool, whether you want it to be all the same depth or shallow to deep. Keeping in mind that the steps and shallower ends will look lighter than the deeper end.
  • The colour you choose for the interior of your pool.
  • Ensure that your pool is equipped with a suitable filtration system and that your water chemistry is maintained to a correct level to avoid your water turning cloudy or green.
  • Whether you choose to have added features such as waterfalls or fountains. They can affect the reflection of light.

If you choose to have a spa as apart of your pool, it is very likely that your spa will look lighter than pool even if they are the exact same colour. As mentioned earlier, the depth of your pool alters its colour and a spa is usually significantly shallower.

When selecting a pool there are many things to take into consideration. An important one is a colour as you will be looking at it every day. Ultimately, the finish you choose will alter the colour that your pool water will appear. As stated previously, there are variables that can affect the colour of your pool but the finish you choose is one of the biggest contributing factors.
Barrier Reef Pools have a generous selection of Advanced Colour Technology gel coat finishes, you are spoilt for choice!

Barrier Reef Pools pool watercolour options

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We use the best performing pigment technology currently available for fibreglass pools. Our colour system is vibrant, anti-fade and glistens in the sun, creating a beautiful focal point in your backyard. Our gel coats offer superior interior surface performance that is chemical and UV resistant.

Highly skilled teams at companies like can provide you with an insight into the colour that your pool will most likely be depending on factors that are to be taken into account at your place. Such companies offer recommendations on designs decisions to consider that will impact the appearance of your pool colour once it is installed.

Take care of your pool and enjoy the summer to the fullest!

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