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How to Find the Best Affordable Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards became an awesome thing to own lately. As with everything breakthroughs in tech as well as new ideas and concepts brought us to these as well. Now, for all of you that are skateboarders that grew up on normal skateboards, this may seem a bit sacrilegious, but it isn’t. The times change and some new kids are in town, we just have to deal with it.

As everything new that comes out, this was very pricy at some point, but as time progressed and as tech advanced, plus a lot more companies came out with their version, the prices naturally slimmed down. There are still expensive ones that boast certain features and that is OK, but this article today will help you find the most affordable, but reliable electric skateboard out there.

In the see of many, we will try and aim you toward what to look for to save your money. You can just opt to buy the cheapest one out there but we bet it won’t be long-lived, so here is what you need to look for when buying your first affordable skateboard. If you want to check out what is in store today for a low price then please click here, and have a look.

What is it for?

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What you have to think about when shopping for one of these is what are you going to use it for. The price will be hugely dictated by the usage factor so you have to choose wisely. You have two options to choose from – leisure or commuting. If you will use it to commute you have to take into consideration the availability of spare parts, their price, and the speed at which they arrive at you. Daily riding this thing will have you chew through the things like wheels, hubs, grip tape, belts (if it is belt driven), and so on. Having these parts quickly and cheaply will be your number one concern. If it is leisure on the other hand then you still have to have these parts in mind, but they will not be that important to you. Since you will use it for fun and in your free time it will take you longer to go through the parts we already mentioned.

Type of board

When looking for a board you will see a few types of them and depending on the price you will opt for one of course. What we recommend is that you try and get a feel for a few of those types and see what suits you the best and try to hunt the best prices with that type. It would be stupid to just go and buy the cheapest without regard for comfort stability or your overall satisfaction. If you can borrow a few different ones from friends and take them for a test drive. That is the best way to find out what will suit your riding style. It is important to choose the one that gives you the best feeling of safety, that has a good center of gravity and balance. Pay attention to the rigidity of the board as well. That will be another price point to consider but it will also be a thing of preference because you will have to choose between the flexible or stiff board, each with its pros and cons.


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Here is where all gets interesting because here you will have to choose from speed, comfort, range, charge, and servicing, all the things that greatly dictate the price of the board. These are all the things that will be dictated by the intended use of the board and with that said, you will be able to pick what you need and what you don’t to achieve a better price. So, think carefully about the usage of the board and go from there, don’t waste money on big batteries and top speeds if you don’t have a long way to and from work. Also if you will use it for leisure time don’t go crazy with service availability or even with the battery life because you will not use it much and for extended periods which is where you save money.


Finding an affordable but reliable board can be difficult but doesn’t need to. If you only consider the price tag you won’t get far with one. If you take all of the factors we wrote about you will be able to find the cheapest one for what you intend to use it. The cheapest and most expensive boards may have the same or even similar specs but if you want real you should talk to someone who has one and pick their brains about it. If you can’t find any near you then a safe bet is the internet, and YouTube videos. There are a lot of people out there testing all of these from the cheapest to the most expensive ones and you would be amazed at what some of those cheap ones can do, while others pricier fail to do.


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The last thing on this list, but not the least by any means, is to check the rules or laws in your country. It would be very stupid to spend any amount of money on something you can not legally use on the street or that will be confiscated the minute police see you. It is wise to be informed and to check the regulations regarding these things. You would be amazed at some laws and regulations regarding these things and that there are places that entirely forbid these as a means of transportation. The laws are different from country to country, or even from town to town which is exactly why it is important o get all the information you can’t before you give up your hard-earned money.

After everything we wrote we believe that you will have a lot easier way of deciding which electric board to buy. As we already mentioned, you shouldn’t let the price dictate the board you will potentially get, you should consider all of these factors and based on them try and look the cheapest there is that meets your needs and expectations. Yes, you may buy one that is slightly expensive but think of it this way, that one was the cheapest available that will suit all your needs.

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