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6 Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Living Room

The time has come for you to renovate your living room. Maybe you feel you are behind on your home decorating projects, or maybe you need a fresh look for your living room. Maybe there is a little bit of both… Whatever the reason, the time has come to renovate your living room.

When it comes to living rooms, there are four basic types of layouts—classic, contemporary, formal, and casual. While you can make changes to any of these styles, you’ll probably want to keep the same general layout throughout. A classic living room will have a fireplace, formal will have a formal seating area, and contemporary will have a sectional couch and maybe a coffee table, casual is typically a couch and television or entertainment system of some kind.

There are also specialty layouts that stray further from the classic living room style. They are a little less common to find occupying the living room area of a home and tend to aim more towards a certain function and are not aimed as heavily towards entertaining guests. Things like a bar, a gaming den, a cinema room, a children’s play area, or a home office.

Some of the signs you may need to renovate your living room include:

1. You want to change the purpose of the room

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Maybe you have outgrown your living room’s intended use. Perhaps you bought a large sectional couch and your family doesn’t fit anymore, or maybe they do but it’s not very comfortable anymore. Whatever the problem with the design of this room, you may consider updating it to be more suited for your family’s needs. This is one situation where it’s usually best to work with a designer in order to create that perfect space for your family to relax and be social in–one that matches their needs perfectly.

2. You’ve decided to move to a new house

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Maybe you have decided that the time has come for you to sell your current home and buy a new one. This point is almost the opposite of our first reason. Perhaps the living room in your existing home was perfect, but other parts of the home were lacking, you needed to relocate, or needed more space. In this case, you might need to renovate the living room of your new home to match the functionality and comfort provided by your old home.

Prior to move in you should look at creating a design plan for your living room in order to demonstrate what sort of improvements need to be made on the interior. This is also a good idea to discuss and preplan during the purchase phase of your new home. If you express your desire and need to update and renovate the living room of the home, and how it doesn’t fit your needs in its existing state, you may be able to negotiate a lower sale price with the current owner.

3. You want to give your old house a modern touch

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With the aesthetic changes in Calgary home renovations from the two last decades, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to upgrade their living room’s look. Homes have changed in appearance drastically each decade up until now, and it may be time to modernize you living space. A living room renovation is a good choice for renovations as it is one of the main focal points of the home seen by both family and guests, but is not as drastic or expensive a renovation as a kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Or perhaps you’ve already made recent renovations to other areas of your home in the last several years, and you need to update your living room and main floor to match.

4. You want to change the floor or the walls due to wear and tear.

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Are your floors damaged? Are carpets old and worn? Do the walls have smoke stains on them?

As renovations made to the main floor and living room tend to be one of the most reasonably priced renovations a homeowner can do, as well as being one of the most trafficked and well-worn rooms in a home, it might be time to update your walls and flooring.

Perhaps it’s not so much worn, but rather it’s just aged and dated. Shag carpet exaggerated designs on the wallpaper.

You may want to update the flooring of the room. In this day and age of the high-quality carpet and modern tile, you might not need to spend much money on a new rug or tile for your living room, but it’s still a good idea to make sure it’s something compatible with your home’s current layout and aesthetic.

You may also want to change its wall covering for a more modern look. A living room often receives a lot of visual attention, and adding something that stands out in a modern manner is usually more popular than using solid color walls or wallpaper. Feature walls and textured wall pieces are a rising trend in the home renovation space in the 2024s.

5. You want to create a home cinema or gaming room

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Almost everyone has a dedicated area for watching television and movies in their homes. Some people have it as an addition to the living room, while others have it as a separate room. But if you are looking to create something truly extravagant, it might be time for you to renovate your living room so that your family and friends can gather around the big screen and enjoy movies at home with you.

Just like with movies and television, gaming is becoming more and more popular all the time. Creating a space where you and your guests can play games and watch movies is the new standard for entertaining guests in 2024.

6. You need a home office.

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This option doesn’t leave a lot of space left for the entertaining of guests, but with more and more people working from their homes the last two years, you may very well need a dedicated space to work. Your current home may not have a dedicated space that you can create or modify into an office. You may find that the living room is the only space in your home that can be renovated to fit your new work-from-home needs.

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