5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Intelligence Testing

The human mind surely works in mysterious ways, and along with consciousness, makes a perfect mix that we are yet to fully understand. For centuries now, intelligence has been studied, which is why today there are several types of it, but even though we know the types, we are still in the dark when it comes to all the things that have an influence over our intelligence. Now, even though we may not have all the answers, we can measure it, and checking your IQ is pretty easy these days, as it is just a few clicks away if you know how to find a trustworthy test.

Who can perform IQ tests?

It isn’t just about the test itself, as there are many types of it, and it is more about professionals, psychologists who spent years studying it and know what to look for and how to perform it. That is why they are the only ones who can perform and grant that some tests are valid or not, but you don’t have to set an appointment or go far to find a valid one as there still are some online IQ tests that can accurately assess human intelligence.

How to find a trustworthy IQ test online?


After everything mentioned above, some would think that a plain web search will be insufficient, but that’s not true, and you only need to determine whether the tests are genuine or fraudulent. Some websites may charge you for that, but in most cases, that is a good sign, as they spend much on developing such software, and for them, reputation means everything. In the end, those who employ psychologists or have proprietary algorithms like are the websites where you would want to check your IQ.

Now, when we settled that, let’s talk more about why these tests are so important and whether there are some disadvantages.


It’s fun


Yes, this perhaps may not be the first idea that crosses someone’s mind when taking the IQ test, but they sure are fun, and depending on which test someone takes, there can be no right or wrong answers, which makes it even more exciting and enjoyable. After all, as a result, one will get a much better insight into what makes them tick, which makes it a great ground to enhance intelligence even further. It’s all about the Socratic paradox “I know that I know nothing.”

It can improve the educational system


By testing the children’s IQ, we can see their better and worse sides and learn more about their talents and skills. That is useful when it comes to education because it allows the whole system to participate and create the best possible program for every student. It is also very important for early recognition of handicapped children, and it can help them achieve their maximums in social life. Identifying handicapped and talented children in time can mean a lot for their education. It can help teachers, parents, caregivers, and other people from their environment to learn how to help them to have the best possible lives.


Difficulties with measuring different types of intelligence


People do not have one general type of intelligence as scientists used to believe, but they have more different forms of it. Because of that, they can be gifted with one type of intelligence, for example, musically, and have a low score in mathematical one, and that does not mean that they have a low IQ. The problem with IQ tests is their inability to measure different forms of intelligence, and because of that, we are not getting the real results. Not having proper results can leave a mark on their learning process because it is not based on their actual abilities, and it is not allowing them to reach their full potentials.

Being “marked” can be harmful


Knowing the results of IQ testing can leave a mark on every person, no matter if they are low, high, or average. Low scores can make a person feel inferior, which can cause depression, low self-esteem, and many other problems. Having high results can make the person feel superior to other people from their environment, which can change their behavior.

And in the end, average results can make a person feel average, which is something that many people do not like because they feel like they are always in the middle. Besides that, if other people know our results, that can change their opinion about us and change our relationships. It can encourage the creation of stereotypes and labels, which can affect our and other people’s opinions about us and our possibilities.

It creates groups in the classroom


When the results of the IQ testing are known, it is much easier for teachers to create few groups in the classroom, which will make the students with similar abilities work on the same project. That means that these students with higher IQ will work on more difficult projects, while those with lower results will deal with the easier ones.

The problem is that these groups of children usually do not have a good conversation between them, which leads to losing diversity in the classroom. That later leads to an unfriendly atmosphere among students, they lose the opportunity to learn one from another, and they do not have the chance to receive the same education.

The bottom line

As you can clearly see, when it comes to results, there are advantages and disadvantages of intelligence analysis, but of course, now when you know what and where to look for, at least finding a reliable IQ test shouldn’t be an issue. Curiosity is what defines us, and if there weren’t for it, we would still consider fire or a wheel as our greatest achievement.

That is why questioning and challenging ourselves, along with constant self-improvement, should always be our goal, as a day when you don’t learn something new is a day wasted. By knowing this, what better way to start learning something new than by taking an IQ test.

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