Why Renting a Photo Booth is an Excellent Way to Improve Your Next Corporate Event ─ 5 Types of Booths to Choose From

Are you looking for a unique way to improve your next corporate event? Renting a photo booth could be the perfect solution. They offer guests a fun, interactive way to capture memories of the event while giving them something they can take home with them, such as prints or digital files.

Not only is this an up-and-coming trend in corporate events, but it also has immense potential for marketing and brand recognition by creating content from the event that can be used on social media or included in promotional mailers.

Benefits of Renting a Photo Booth

A photo booth allows people to capture the fun of their experiences and share the memories with others easily. Images from any gathering provide an entertaining statement about those in attendance and spark conversations. Your guests will be delighted to have physical copies of keepsakes, along with electronic versions to post on social media sites or email to friends.

Quality, modern booths provide many different features that can be used for everyone’s enjoyment:

  • Photo customization: Change the color scheme for every strip, add custom text or company logo, create selfie frames
  • Video Messages: Record 15-second video messages from guests
  • Green Screen: Superimpose photos onto any background template
  • Animations & props: Utilize hats, masks, wigs, and other accessories to bring photos to life
  • Social Media Integration: Guests can easily upload images directly onto social media sites like Instagram and Facebook

Using a photo booth at your next event is an excellent way to bring energy and excitement while strengthening connections between attendees. It provides an effective method of capturing memories while giving everyone something tangible to take home with them as reminders of their shared experiences together.

Types of Photo Booths


1. Traditional Photo Booths

This type of booth is the most classic style featuring a private enclosure large enough for a group of people. Photos are taken against a white or black curtain back wall with traditional props such as hats, mustaches, and sunglasses.

2. Open-Air Photo Booths

This is an enclosed area without walls; allowing multiple guests to be in one shot. Props can include LED submersible cubes with colorful designs making your shots more fun — perfect for parties on the beach or poolside celebrations.

3. 360° Photo Booths

360° Photo Booths are an interactive and immersive experience that allows users to capture, view, and share 360° photos. It captures 2-D images through the use of multiple cameras simultaneously — the images are then stitched together creating a spherical panorama that can be viewed in all directions just like we experience in real life.

The resulting photos have clarity, depth, and movement like never before – perfect for social media sharing or for marketing projects where an immersive experience is desired.

Whether you’re attending an event, getting professional headshots, or looking for something unique to commemorate a special occasion – 360 photo booth Niagara has been growing in popularity over recent years as they offer engaging visuals and shared experiences.

4. Flip Books

Flipbooks are another popular option that uses green screen technology to make it appear that you’re in different locations for each page of the flip book cover but every page includes six prints that combine into a 30-second animation when flipped through quickly by guests! Props can also be used for extra fun and entertainment value.

5. GIF Booth

A GIF Booth takes four photos within seconds which can then be turned into a one-click GIF file to easily share via email or social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter giving guests something more than just paper prints!

All photos taken at the GIF Booth are live streamed directly onto screens around your party (and if big enough on wall-size projections) providing excitement and instant interaction!

How to select the right one?


First and foremost, consider the size of the venue when selecting your photo booth. Make sure it is small enough and easy to set up quickly in any sized venue or space, and that it can accommodate large groups.

It’s also important to ensure that the equipment provided by your photo booth supplier is reliable and up-to-date with all the necessary accessories included such as backdrop, props, external lighting, printer paper, and printer ink. This will ensure that you get high-quality prints for each session taken by guests at your corporate event.

Your rental company should also provide quick turnaround times for photos so guests don’t have to wait too long between shots. Most companies offer immediate prints (1-5 minutes) as well as touchscreen photo options to view pictures after they are taken. Additionally, depending on your package plan or budget constraints you might also consider options such as instant emailing/texting of photos/digital copies or custom logo branding on prints taken during an event – great ways to increase brand exposure at a corporate event!

Cost of Renting a Photo Booth

Depending on the type of feature package chosen, renting fees typically start from as low as $400 for four hours of use. For larger events or longer rental times, additional fees may apply.

With the more affordable pricing of photo booth rentals, companies can take advantage of increased reach and visibility for their event by providing guests with photographs taken in the booth featuring company slogans and promotional items such as business cards and company swag.

Moreover, these photos can be shared with attendees through social media, giving companies an easy way to further boost their event’s reach beyond just the attendees present at the actual gathering.



Renting a photo booth is affordable and provides businesses with the ability to customize their event while creating something special that employees and clients alike can remember fondly. With hundreds of beautiful backdrops available in addition to personalized messaging and logos, businesses can quickly organize an unforgettable night with minimal investment.

The return on investment of renting a photo booth is undeniable; these memorable experiences are powerful marketing tools that will help generate brand awareness as well as ensure laughs all around.

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