How To Design An Effective And Memorable Business Card

As a business owner, you need to represent your business in the best way possible at all times. There are various marketing campaigns you can do starting from online advertisements to billboards. However, you will surely be surprised at how effective a business card is.

With a great designed card that holds every information your future client may need, you are passing around a strong marketing tool. These cards can be given away from your clients to their friends, which will impact your business grow even more.

Business cards can be made for big corporations and small businesses equally well, and they are affordable for everyone who needs them. However, to create a top-notch business card, you will need to know your way around designing. Further, we will explain some of the most important tips for designing an effective and memorable card for your business.

Understand the basics


Before we proceed to details on how you can improve the looks of your card, you will need to understand the basics.

Firstly, you need to leave at least half a centimeter from the print to the cutting edge. This will help you come up with a centralized design without imperfections. In addition, you will need to work on a specific resolution to come up with the best picture possible.

By using the smallest font size, you are leaving space for the other important things, so make sure you practice this. However, don’t make the font too small because it will not be readable.

Consider the bleed by the information of the printer. This will help you to align the cards better, without differences in the cuts, to maintain a professional look.

To make the design better, you should use a template or a layout to create a hierarchy. That will help you to sort the information by importance and show them up appropriately.

Use a size that fits your situation the best

Sizes of business cards can differ based on the geographical area. Some countries use larger cards, and some smaller. This also has something to do with the size of the wallets. You should adapt the size of your card to the standards of the population. Make sure you have space for everything you want to include.

Add finishes to improve the looks


While they add on the costs of the business cards, they are an important aspect of the design that improves the memorable sensation of the item. There are various finishes that you can include, starting from metal dots to plastic and spot-UV patterns.

By adding up finishes to your card, your customers have better tactile sensations, which makes your firm look more professional in their eyes.

Keep everything simple

This is something that is usually overseen. By adding too much stuff to your card, you can get it all clogged up, and your clients will be confused. The whole purpose of having a business card is to inform your clients about your firm and pass around contact information.

That is why you need to display only the things that are essential, like the logo, the name of the firm, and all the contact information. All of the additional things should be displayed only in case you have the space required.

If you want to provide more information, or you want to track your progress, you can just add a QR code that leads your customers to your site.

Carve into your card


Another interesting design option is including a carving part into your card. This creates an interesting sensation that not many businesses have implemented which will set you on top of the competitors.

The carving can be made on the edges, to come up with a curved card. Or, you can carve something in the middle, to increase the tactile sensation of your clients, and improve the image of your firm.

Use high-quality materials

The most important thing to consider is the use of great materials. Many printing companies offer simplistic cards that are made with regular paper. This is just ordinary, so you may consider looking for an option with a better paper.

Besides paper, you can print your information on plastic, transparent paper, or even metal. Sure, this will cost you more, but it will surely make your firm stand out from the competition.

Consider pre-cuts for an interesting design


To prevent your card from being tossed away, you should make it more useful. For that reason, you should consider pre-cutting your card or coming up with an interesting solution. Many companies add grooves to hold rubber bands or clips. However, the most interesting solution in our opinion is including seeds inside the card, so when you make it wet it brings a plant to life.

In addition, with the pre-cuts, you can create a chair that will hold your phone, so you can watch videos without the need to hold the device in your hands.

Be creative with it

The whole idea behind the card is to properly present your card to your future clients. So, if you have an idea of how you can contribute to that objective, you are more than welcome to add it. Creativity is always a positive.

Not only that, but companies like that specialize in website, business card, and branding designs will be able to execute whatever you have in mind.

Reuse old cards


Another interesting solution is reusing your old cards. By recycling them, you are doing a benefit for the environment, as well as showing that your brand is environment friendly. As an example, you can reuse the paper by printing on top or painting it on your own to improve the looks.

Check everything before printing

The last step before you proceed to mass printing is checking if everything is positioned correctly. The letters need to be readable, and the colors should not bleed into each other. This will save you from a lot of stress since you will know that the result will be the way you wanted.

By asking the printing company to give you a sample before their final print, you can observe the card, and find any issues you want to adjust. If the card is being printed the way you wanted, proceed to full print, and enjoy your benefits with a great-designed business card.

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