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How Much Does It Cost to Remove Old Carpet – 2024 Review

The average cost of carpet removal ranges between $200 and $400. The final cost you pay will of course depend on other factors. For instance, if you’re living in a house with several stairs, you will part with more money. Similarly, if you need extra services such as cleaning, you’ll have to pay more.

If your carpet has special features, you may also have to pay more than the average cost of carpet removal. The process is messy and the work is demanding, therefore, you can’t really blame them for the amount they quote. In fact, you may sometimes feel the burden to the extent of giving a tip on top of the carpet removal payment.

Just imagine the installation process, and how they used staples and tack strips. The carpet removal process will involve getting rid of all of these items, without hurting the floor. People remove carpets for different reasons, including remodeling and changing the flooring.

What Affects the Cost of Carpet Removal?

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Some of the most common factors affecting the price of carpet removal include the following:

  • Your ZIP code.
  • Total square feet.
  • Square yards.
  • Number of rooms.
  • Special features such as odd-shaped rooms.
  • Radiant heating floor systems.
  • Stairs.
  • Fixtures on the floor.
  • The type of installation.

Some carpet removal companies will charge separately for the disposal. Therefore, you may have to pay the cost of removal and then disposal. The most common means they use to determine the amount you pay is by the hour. Others will charge a fixed amount per square yard or per square foot.

Disposing Old Carpet

Disposal of the old carpet matters more than a newer one due to the effects. Older carpets are more prone to infestation by pathogens than their newer counterparts. That’s why carpet removal companies normally find a special way to get rid of old carpets. This may affect the charges.

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Removing the Stair Carpet

Carpets on the stairs are more complicated to remove than other parts of the house or room. Some carpet removal companies charge about $7 per step. For areas that require additional time, care and labor, you may spend more. The labor demand for even one step on a staircase is huge. And that’s what makes it costly. Some carpet removal companies ended up pricing staircase labor as an add-on to the overall cost of the project.

Moving Furniture during Carpet Removal

In case you thought that it’s the carpet removal company’s job to move furniture for you, then you need to think again. If you can move it for them, then you may evade the furniture moving fees.

For instance, you can hire a storage compartment and store the furniture inside after removing them out of the house. Alternatively, you can cover the pieces of furniture if you decide to place them outside in the open.

If the carpet removal guys are to move the furniture for you, then be rest assured that you’ll part with some money. For moving furniture, some of them will charge $2 per square yard. Well, the occasional chair won’t require any funds from your end.

However, when it comes to moving sets of furniture and sofas, then it becomes imperative that you pay for the services. After all, it will eat up significant amounts of time that they’ll have to factor in the overall cost. If they’re charging by the hour, then this will fall into place automatically.

If you need special considerations, then talk to your carpet removal expert before the project commences. This helps them to air out their views before anything gets complicated.

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Removing the Glued-Down Carpet

This is a special factor during carpet removal. A glued-down carpet implies that the people removing it will take more time and need more labor. Therefore, it’s bound to cost you more than the standard carpet removal.

The glue used on the carpet is meant to last for a very long time – some experts even argue that it could last forever. Thus, removing it would take more effort than the standard removal exercise.

Remember that even after removing the carpet, they’ll still need to scrape off the glue from the floor. After all, you may have to replace the old carpet with a new one, or in some cases leave the floor as it is. For a glued-down carpet, you can expect to spend about $5 per square yard during the carpet removal.

Other Cost Factors during Carpet Removal

The shape of the room will determine how much you will pay for carpet removal. Hence, a hexagon or asymmetrically shaped room will cost more than a square or rectangular one.

On the other hand, your location also affects carpet removal. Charges vary based on where the client is.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the standard charge for carpet removal is $250. If you have other factors affecting the price, then you would expect to pay more. For more information about this topic visit JiffyJunk

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