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What Books Do I Need to Start Home Schooling – 2024 Review

A lot of schools are now encouraging homeschooling because of the pandemic. The Covid-19 virus is easily transmittable so it’s a must to limit interaction with others as much as possible. The good news is that despite the challenges, studying can continue at home with the help of various tools including the internet and Canadian curriculum books.

Transitioning into a homeschool setting is relatively easy, but of course you need to know exactly what it is you need to do to help with this major change. One of the things you’ll need to do first is to get the right Canadian curriculum books to help when with their study. Here are some of the books that you need to get first.

Basic Subjects Like Math, Science, And English

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This is the core of every learning curriculum so it is a must that you have math, science, and english books ready at your disposal. What’s great is that books about these subjects are often easy and intuitive. Even if you aren’t great at these subjects, you’ll easily be able to get a grasp of the lessons easily as long as you go chapter by chapter.

Before you buy the books, make sure that you consult with your adviser first. Basic subjects are divided by the level or grade of the reader. You could be getting a Canadian curriculum book that’s not yet at your level which would make it harder for you to follow your lessons as planned. Aside from that, you’ll definitely come across lessons that you’ve yet to get over.

Encyclopedias, Atlases, Almanacs

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These three books are essential not only for your studies, but also for your general knowledge. Of these three, you should definitely consider getting encyclopedias first as they contain general knowledge mostly. You’d want to make sure that your encyclopedia series is up to date. These books are updated with new data usually.

Keep in mind that these books are relatively expensive. There are also multiple volumes so make sure that you have the space to have these books within your home. The good news is that most retailers will deliver these books to your doorstep so you don’t have to worry about carrying them all the way from the store back to your home.

Atlases and almanacs are not necessary. However, they’re pretty great to have in your personal library as well. These books are excellent supplementary additions to your almanac. They add to your general knowledge and it’s good knowing that you can refer to these books if you don’t have an internet connection.

Supplementary Subjects Like History, Or Other Subjects That Supplement Your Course

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It’s always important to go back to your roots so supplementary books like history books are crucial as well. Though not necessary, these are books that can help expand your general knowledge of the world. History subjects are often offered as electives during college. It’s also fun to learn more about history be it of your nation or of the world.

Aside from history books, there are sure to be many other supplementary books that can help you with your chosen career path. For instance, if you are planning on becoming a doctor one day, it might be good to look for books that detail the future trends in the field of medicine. These extra books are going to take your learning a step further.

There’s nothing wrong with being a step ahead of your class. As you are about to start homeschooling, you’ll still be following a lesson plan. However, you’ll now have more time to study on your own so make sure that you try to expand your knowledge by getting these kinds of Canadian curriculum books. Check this to find more details.

Where To Buy Canadian Curriculum Books?

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There are many retailers that offer authentic books for students such as yourself. If you are lucky enough, you can find great deals on these books. There are brick and mortar stores, as well as online stores that will deliver these books at your doorsteps as soon as possible. Since the pandemic is still present, we highly suggest trying to order online so that there’s no risk of infection between you and others.

Books can be expensive and teachers will understand your problem. If you want to save up on money, then you should consider buying secondhand books instead. Many retailers have these up for sale. However, make sure to check the books properly as some of them might not be usable after all.

If you have friends that are a year ahead of you, you can borrow their books instead. Spend your money on something else like a decent connection or a new computer. This can also help you with homeschooling or if your school decides to conduct online classes.

Why You Should Buy Books From Authentic Sellers Only

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There are some people that prefer buying pirated books. Yes, even books get pirated. Some people take original books and then reprint them for profit. They sell the books at a lower price to make sure that some students would prefer getting these. The price might be smaller but the risks you’ll take won’t make up for that.

For starters, fake books could have errors. Since these are counterfeit products, expect that you won’t be getting the same quality. Aside from having possible errors, these books are also going to be made from poorer material as compared to what you expect from an original copy. As these books aren’t durable, expect them to break over time.

Last but not the least, these books hurt the publishers and authors of the original. They’ve worked hard for these books and it’s not proper to have the profit stolen from them. As students, you should see the merits in supporting the publishers and authors of the books you use.

Canadian curriculum books are going to be a huge part of your homeschooling. Before classes start, it’s a must that you prepare these books already. It will be one of the best investments you’ll make for your educational journey.

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