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Best YouTube Video Ideas for 2024

The world’s best-known video sharing and viewing platform, YouTube, has come a long way since it was first launched, now, sixteen years ago. It’s hard to imagine what kind of life people would lead without it, since it has been offering a vast spectrum of videos by professionals, having the same quality as those you can see on TV and movie screens. From music to TV shows, scientific video content, make-up tutorials, recipes, it offers literally everything for everyone.

Apart from these professional videos, a vast majority of the content available for enjoying is the simplest form developed by common people, having no prior knowledge and experience in video making. Some are very dominant and enjoy a huge follower base. They’re popularly called “YouTubers”. The beauty of this platform is that enables anyone with a good idea and passion for video making to hop on board and create a channel. If you feel intimidated by all the creators who are incredibly talented at screenwriting, acting, using special effects, and everything else involved in video production – you can sigh with relief knowing that you don’t need any of these things to successfully develop a channel.

The beginning might seem rough, but you don’t need to be ultra-skillful with everything. A clear, initial idea would be enough to get you going towards the top. As you go, you’ll perfect your skills. If you end up questioning the quality of your idea, and how many potential followers it would attract, worry no further. At the moment, so many online services such as have been developed to help you create your initial follower’s base and get you going.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the ideas that according to the style and content can reach a very high popularity point by the viewers. Maybe some will trigger the idea in your creative mind, you can start working on your channel. Like we said, not much is needed – a camera (everyone has, by now) and maybe a couple of more gadgets based on what the idea looks like.

Opinions and Tutorials About Products

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Video content like this never fails. Starting from yourself – what is the first thing you do when you want to buy a product, but have no experience with it? You google, and the search box shows videos as well. There, you get all the info needed.

Unpacking and using a product in videos show what you get from the product once you purchase it. What happens often is that potential consumers are looking for people who have already tested the same product and used it for a certain amount of time. The video doesn’t have to be related to gadgets – people upload video reviews for anything and everything, including services. What kinds of things are you already using that you could turn into a useful and informative video review?

Aside from reviews, tutorials on how to use products will continue to be popular, no doubt. Sometimes the instructions you get with the products are not entirely understandable, therefore you search for them on YouTube.
Opinions (reviews) and tutorials are a safe way to go because the demand will never cease to exist. Additionally, it opens the door for collaboration with brands and stores, who might see you as an opportunity for successful marketing.

Video Games

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One type of entertainment that never fails to be popular and addictive is video games. 2024 has given us plenty of time to have for ourselves and the number of people who started playing again has been on the rise since, due to the pandemic and the lockdown.

If you’re one of those people who enjoy this, it’s your passion, it provokes your creativeness, shares it with others. People certainly love playing video games. Surprisingly, they like to watch other people play games, even more, to learn tips and tricks from more experienced players. Believe it or not, there are some gaming channels that have over 20 million subscribers.

Cooking Channels

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Recipes with ingredient lists and detailed instructions in written are great, but like most things the learning happens when you see the action, live. A significant increase in people who are changing their diet and eating habits has been noticed in the past two years. More and more people are going plant-based, therefore need cooking inspiration.
With cooking videos, viewers can see exactly what techniques you are using and see what the combined ingredients should look like at each stage. Even if you have the simplest ideas for a meal or snack, it’s worth sharing them on your channel. People are always looking for ideas for recipes that are simple, practical, and tasty.

Star Pets

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It’s not necessarily you that needs to be the star of your channel. People love animals and are in desperate need of lough. If you’re not courageous enough to step in front of the camera, but you do have an interesting pet your friends find funny, use this opportunity to build a successful channel. It would be a lie to say that the internet does not love cute animals. It is hopelessly obsessed with them. Just point the camera at your dog or cat or parrot or at any animal you own and roll.

Funny Videos

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Like it was mentioned in the previous point, people are in desperate need of a good laugh in these challenging times. If you have acting skills or just have the talent for telling funny jokes, you can turn it into something that entertains people enough to subscribe and share your videos. Playing multiple roles by using filters from Snapchat and other media, is increasingly popular.

Additional advice for running a successful YouTube channel is to stick to your concept. If you decide on one idea stated in this guide, stick to it all the way and keep improving in the quality. Switching from one to another, will not result in a viewer’s increase.

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