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5 Reasons You Should Fix Your Cracked Phone Screen

No matter how expensive the phone you buy, they still have a fragile glass. While many companies stress technical words like “Corning Gorilla Glass,” but in the end, all of them break as soon as they fall. If not break, they inevitably get cracks. 

According to statistics, Americans have spent over $24 billion on smartphone repairs since the launch of the iPhone in 2007. That’s the number of people who went for repairs. However, many continue to use the cracked phone screen for months. If you happen to be one, then I would recommend you to fix your cracked phone screen as soon as possible.

Let’s get back to why you shouldn’t be using a cracked phone screen. 

Can have an impact on your health

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As you might already know, smartphones emit radiofrequency radiation. However, when your screen cracks, your body absorbs more radiation. This, in turn, will increase heating in your body. No, it won’t increase your body temperature, but it can definitely have a negative impact on your health, according to

Some studies even say that a higher increase in radiofrequency radiation can increase the chances of cancer. 

What’s more, is that it can cause eye strains. How? When your screen is cracked, it gets difficult to use and read the texts, which increases eye strains. 

Besides, it can slash your fingertips while you try to click on the broken areas. And if you cut yourself badly, you’ll need to take an injection as it will be through a glass which can cause septic if medications not taken properly. 

This means hundreds of dollars in medical bills. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that. 

Cracked Screen Can Lead to Further Damage

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Irrespective of which brand you use or how expensive your smartphone is, no mobile can function properly without a better exterior. Since a display covers 80% of the phone, they are the primary area of contamination from the outside world. The fine particles (that we can’t even see from the naked eyes) can damage the motherboard of your smartphone. This will cost more than repairing a broken screen. It can even result in a malfunction of various features of your smartphone. 

Once it occurs, your phone might not be operable. And repairing it can cost you a lot. Furthermore, a lot of small components on your phone die as soon as they’re exposed to high humidity or direct liquid spills. Batteries, SSDs, RAM chips can easily get destroyed due to short circuits if you don’t take extra care of your phone with a cracked screen. 

A cracked screen can easily break

While every mobile screen is fragile, phones with a cracked screen break quickly than others. Even the most durable gorilla glass has a finite lifespan once it cracks. Here’s how it works: most smartphone glasses can withstand drops from 20 feet easily, but once it cracks, it will become unrepairable even after falling from a tabletop. 

Remember, cracked glass displays must be replaced. They can’t be patched up using stop-gap fixes. Also, it is easier to replace a cracked screen than a shattered one. Besides, it can even damage the inner display, which costs more than the outer one. 

It reduces Resale Value

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Let’s face it. We all sell our phones after a year or two. Usually, people want to buy a higher model, and so they sell their old phones. But when you have a mobile with a cracked screen, it will dramatically reduce the resale value by hundreds of dollars. 

Repairing a screen might cost you somewhere between $100 to $300, but selling a phone with a cracked screen may reduce its value by $500 to $1000. That’s a very big difference. Besides, fixing a broken screen in the early stage will prevent your phone from additional damages that can further reduce its resale value. 

If you plan to sell your phone in the future, make sure to repair it before even showing it to the prospective buyers. Also, go to a qualified technician who provides a limited warranty on the repairs. This will ensure that you get a better amount when selling your phone. 

Damaged screen Doesn’t Look Good

A mobile phone with a cracked screen is a big deal as a dented car. It simply doesn’t look good. Imagine you’re on a first date with your crush, and someone calls you. You take your phone out of your pocket, and the first thing your crush sees is a cracked screen. This can demonstrate a negative image of yours in front of your dream girl. A broken phone screen sends a loud message to strangers that “you don’t care for your belongings.” They might even take this message as “you don’t care for them too.” This can hurt your relationships. 

It can even have an impact on your professional life. If you’re interviewing for a new job, the employer might view your damaged screen as you may not give your best to the organization. When you’re not repairing the thing you use all the time, how can you give your 100% to the company? 

If you’re new to a locality, your neighbors might view you as someone who doesn’t spend a dime on himself.  


Refusing to spend a few bucks for screen repair might end up costing you more in the long-run. While repairing a cracked phone screen may seem expensive at the start, it is completely worth it. It not only increases its resale value, but it also makes you look professional. Besides, by repairing the damaged screen, you prevent yourself from various health hazards, such as reduced eye strain and radiofrequency radiation. Another benefit of fixing the cracked phone screen is that you restrict your mobile from further damage, which means a reduced repairing cost. 

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