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Does a Broken Screen Spell Doom For Your Smartphone?

A broken or cracked smartphone screen induces anxiety even in the best of us. A broken screen most definitely looks bad. It also feels bad since it leaves your phone unusable. However, a broken screen is not as bad as it seems. It certainly does not mean that your phone is now useless. For a very small price, you can have your broken screen replaced with a new one.

Ever since smartphones have become so popular, a number of smartphone-related industries have formed. There are companies that produce accessories for smartphones. And some companies specialize in repairing damaged smartphones. The smartphone repair industry has established a solid presence all across the world. You can even find numerous repair companies spread across America. And these companies really know how to get their job done. In fact, in some cases, they are even more reliable than first-party repair centers.

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A lot of people question third party repair services. Why go for a third party when you are being offered the same service by a first-party provider? It is true that most smartphone companies have repair centers of their own. But they aren’t as reliable as you might think. Most repair centers will shower you with high repair fees and long waiting times. And the worst thing about them is accessibility. A certified repair center can do the same for you, without the extra trouble. But this does not mean that every third-party is worth going to. advises us to always double-check the quality of service being offered by a repair center before handing them your device.

A reliable third-party service will be able to replace your screen in one day. In fact, most centers will get the job done within an hour. Meaning that you will not have to spend any time without your phone. And the best part is that it will only cost you a fraction of your phone’s price. A screen repair can cost as little as $59. The quick service and affordability definitely make third party options attractive. But like we mentioned before, you shouldn’t blindly trust every repair company.

How Are Broken Screens Replaced?

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It is perfectly natural to want to know what exactly will be done with your device once you hand it in for repairs. One should do a bit of research so that they are aware of what will need to be done with their device.

Smartphone screen replacements are quite simple. Every smartphone has a motherboard onto which all of its components are attached. Some components are soldered onto the motherboard and are hard to replace. Others are attached to connecting cables and are far easier to remove. Fortunately, the screen on pretty much any smartphone is attached via a connecting cable.

To replace a broken screen, a technician needs to disassemble the phone. Once the phone has been disassembled, they can then find the screen’s connecting cable and disconnect it from the motherboard. The disconnection process is really easy, but one needs to be careful as the connection point is quite fragile. Once the cable has been released, the old screen can be removed. The technician then connects the new screen to the motherboard and reassembles the phone. The simplicity of screen replacements means that a good technician can be done with your device within 60 minutes.

Picking a Third-Party Repair Company

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You need to be careful when you are picking a repair lab. This is because you are going to be trusting them with your smartphone; a device that is not only expensive but also loaded with your personal information. Smartphones are incredibly personal devices. They have a lot of sensitive information on them that you definitely would not want anyone to access without your permission. When you’re handing your phone to someone for repairs, all of that data suddenly becomes vulnerable.

If you are giving your phone away for a screen replacement, then you don’t need to worry too much. All you have to do is make sure that your phone is password protected when you hand it over. And if your phone has a removable memory card in it, you should remove it before you give your phone away.

Apart from being prepared on your end, you also need to do a background check on your repair company. Start off by checking whether they are certified or not to repair your phone. It’s better to select a company that is certified by your phone’s maker. This shows that they have undergone formal training for working on your device. Formal training means that they know what they are doing. It also means that there’s a lesser chance of them making a mistake while operating on your device.

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A great way to check a company’s service record is to look for customer testimonials. check their website or social media page. Previous customers are bound to leave their experiences over there. A company that offers good service will have great reviews from its customers. If you’re really thorough, you can even try reaching out to their past customers and asking them whether their devices are functioning fine after being repaired.

Smartphone repair companies have come a really long way. They now have access to high-quality spare parts. They have also become well-versed in phone repairs. This means that a majority of smartphone repair companies have become really dependable. They can help you increase the lifespan of your device by keeping it in great shape. A phone that would otherwise be wasted can be used for a couple of more years. A boom in smartphone repair services is great for the environment as well. It reduces the number of phones that end up in landfills. It also makes recycling older devices easier as they can be salvaged for usable parts.

Repairing your smartphone is a great option for many reasons. This is why you should always have a reliable smartphone repair company on hand.

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