Types of Laptop Bags to Notch up the Style Game at Work & their key Benefits

Today’s generation is all about fashion and style where everyone wants to build up their fashion game strong. Everything we wear defines our style, including our bags. Speaking of bags, the mention of laptop bags brings a very classic school bag kind of image in our minds. Yes, earlier the laptop bags used to come only in the classic designs but the time has changed with a great pace. Today, the fashion industry offers different types of laptop bags to satisfy every individual’s fashion choice and taste.

Different bags have different benefits and features depending on their type and brand. So, who does not want to carry a bag that compliments his outfit? We all do. You can easily find yours on LLB where there are a variety of laptop bags available at your fingertips!

Let us take a look at the types of laptop bags and their key benefits that will help to enhance your style:

Classic Backpacks

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The most commonly used bags for carrying laptops in the backpack. Working professionals, especially men, highly prefer backpacks as they are handsfree and easier to carry around. Today, modified and classy backpacks are available to keep your comfort and style both in check. The ergonomic designs are very much in trend these days.


• It comes with a dedicated padded compartment for your laptop, along with padded straps and lower surface.
• Easy to carry during long journeys.
• Distributes the weight on both the shoulders
• Spacious and useful in carrying various items.

Oversized sling bag:

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Sling bags are usually small, sleek and stylish. However, for the women who love slings, oversized sling bags are available as laptop bags that have a dedicated compartment for carrying laptops. With different colour variants and styles, these sling bags are definitely an eye-catcher.


• It is very stylish and goes with all types of outfits.
• It usually comes with multiple side pockets which helps in better organization of belongings in the bag.
• It is a safer option for commuters as one can keep an eye on it.

Messenger Bags:

Image source: dhresource.com

This bag is working men’s best travel companion given its elegant and stylish looks. It comes with a sling strap as well as two small handlebars that make it easier to carry. Messenger bags look good with both formal and casual wear and are comfortable to move around with.


• It comes with multiple compartments for carrying accessories and other items along with a laptop.
• It has a very stylish and sleek design.
• The bag comes with detachable straps so one can convert it into a backpack anytime.

Stylish Tote Bags:

image source: dhresource.com

You must have seen your favorite celebrities making a style statement at the airport with these laptop tote bags. Laptop tote bags usually have one main compartment along with one or two small compartments making them very reserved for carrying laptops only. With a range of options, these bags too are very much trendy these days.


• It is ideal for women who love to sport the ladylike feel.
• It is safer to carry in crowded places, given the small handlebars that allow one to tuck it under her arms.

Briefcases with wheels:

Traditionally, working professionals used to carry briefcases with them to their workplace. These bags bring back that style in a modified form which is much more stylish and comfortable. Laptop briefcases come with padded surfaces and small wheels to move the bags swiftly everywhere around. These are ideal for daily commuters who travel through metros or local trains as one can pull these at the platforms and give some relaxation to his shoulders. Although the type of bag is not commonly used, it should not be perceived as an outdated style.


• It gives you a retro and classy look.
• It is comfortable to carry during long journeys.
• It keeps your laptop safe from physical damage.

Trendy Sleeve Bags:

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Sleeve bags are more like laptop covers that are well-padded and come with a zip and a few pockets. These bags are most commonly used for keeping your laptop safe and secure at home. As these bags do not have straps or handlebars, they are not feasible to carry around. Nonetheless, sleeve bags are good enough to keep your laptop safe and stowed in your office cabin or your home.


• It can be kept easily and stored in a drawer or cupboard.
• It comes in various designs and styles.
• It is usually low-priced and lightweight than other laptop bags.

Laptop bags serve as a style statement as well as a utility to all its users. Therefore, buying a good stylish bag which also provides protection to your laptop from regular wear and tears is very much essential. Browse through the available options thoroughly before making a purchase.

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