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A Quick Guide to Craps Online

You walk through the casino, and there’s a crowd of people cheering, and you feel the urge to join the excitement. Do you ask yourself, ‘What are the basic rules of craps’ and skip the scene? Craps is just as exciting online but offers players a much cheaper learning session with low minimum bets.

At first, craps seems like an impossible game to learn, but it’s not. Let this guide help you master craps in just a few minutes and check out CasinoTop10 for more on craps.

How to Shoot Craps

Each betting round in craps starts with a come-out roll, which refers to the first dice roll. It also refers to the first roll after the previous game ended. The person rolling the dice is known as the shooter, which would be you when playing online. The come-out roll has three possibilities: craps, win or point.

Rolling a seven or 11 is called a Natural and means that you’ve won and get to play again. Throwing a two, three, or 12 is known as throwing craps and means that you lose the throw. However, you still get to roll the dice again.

In craps, if your roll lands between four and ten, it’s known as your point. In a brick and mortar casino, the dealer places a puck to mark it on the table. In an online game, a white ‘on’ button marks it.

You’ll get to roll the dice again and hope for your point, which would mean a win. Throwing a seven, or when you ‘seven out,’ end the betting round, and you lose.

Understanding this will go a long way to winning your craps game, whether online or in a land-based casino.

Understanding The Popular Bets

Once you understand how to analyze the outcome of your roll, you can start looking at how to bet. Let’s take a look at the betting options displayed on the table layout.

Pass Line or Don’t Pass Bets

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We’ll start with the Pass Line and the Don’t Pass Bar. By betting on the Pass Line, you’re placing a wager on the shooter winning by rolling a natural or the point before shooting a seven. The opposite would be the Don’t Pass bet, meaning the shooter will lose by throwing craps or a seven before shooting a point.

If by chance, you happen to roll a 12, nothing happens. This bet is called a push, and you don’t win or lose. It’s important to note that you can only make these specific bets before rolling the point. Once the shooter has to roll out the point again, you can place a come or don’t come bet.

Come or Don’t Come Bets.

Next, you’ll find Come and Don’t Come to Bar on the table. You can only place these bets after the shooter has rolled the first point. A come bet is similar to the pass line bet in that it wins when a natural is rolled out, or lost if the craps are rolled.

However, it turns into a come-bet point when the dice lands on any number between four and ten. Much like the pass line, you win if the shooter rolls another point before shooting a seven.

As with the don’t pass bet, when you’ve placed a don’t come bet, you’re hoping for two or three to be rolled. Here, you’ll want the shooter to get a seven before the point is rolled out again.

Neither of the betting types, as mentioned above, can be turned off. Once you’ve placed your bet, you have to wait and see what happens. You can make extra bets on the come bet point, which you can alter at any given time.

Odds Bets

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You can only place an odds bet once you’ve placed one of the stakes, as mentioned earlier. Unlike the others, this wager isn’t marked on the table, but you set it by adding chips behind your first bet.

Understanding Single-Roll Bets

Proposition Bets

You’ll see these single roll bets grouped on the table, and you can place wagers on any roll, except for hard ways.

Bet Wins When
Any Seven / Big Red A 7 is rolled and pays four to one.
Any Craps / Three Ways A 2,3, or 12 is rolled and pays seven to one.
Ace Deuce / Three A 3 is rolled and pays 15 to one.
Aces / Snake Eyes / Two Craps A 2 is rolled and pays 30 to one.
Boxcars / Twelve Craps A 12 is rolled and pays 30 to one.
Yo An 11 is rolled and pays 15 to one.


The hard ways, dependent on which one you bet, win when the shooter rolls between four and ten. This stake must be rolled with a pair ( 2 and 2, 3, and 3) before a seven. These bets usually play in favor of the casino, so it’s in the players’ interests only to play it now and then.

Other Bets

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The following bets pay one to one.

Big 6 and Big 8 Bets: By placing one of these wagers, you say that a six or eight will be rolled before the next seven played.

  • Place Bets: This bet is only playable once the point is known and refers to betting on any number. Like most of the wagers mentioned earlier, this one wins when it’s rolled before the seven.
  • Field Bets: These win when the shooter rolls a two, three, four, nine, ten, 11, or 12.

Put Your Best Foot Forward With Craps

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We’ve covered the most popular wagering types in online craps. Once you’ve mastered these, you can add some more to your bag of tricks to make things more interesting. Make sure not to play too many at once as this increases the house edge, and you stand to lose more. Go ahead, test your new knowledge at a reputable online casino.

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