PTE Preparation – Daily Routine for Sure Shot Success

There is not any such fixed schedule for the PTE preparation, as every student’s capacity, energy level, level of understanding the things, preparation time for the exam, the score required, etc are different from one another, so the preparation plan cannot be the same for all.

This is not just the English language test but you should follow the proper plan if you want to get the desired score. There are some modules with high weightage as compared with others, so you should first focus on them. During your daily routine, you should follow the below points:

1. Make a study plan and follow it firmly

A study plan plays a very important role in the preparation for the PTE test. Make a good study plan according to your weak points and firmly follow it. The score depends on the successful execution of the plan.

2. Dedicated place at home

There should be a dedicated place in your home for studying so that others cannot disturb you. Always study there to avoid distraction.


3. Devote a fixed time for preparation

Devote at least 4-5 hours daily or more to the preparation of the PTE test. The practice material is easily available on the internet. You can practice repeated questions to improve your score.

4. Practice only one or two modules in a day

Do not practice more than two modules in a day. If you practice so many modules at once, you cannot concentrate on each module properly.

5. Utilize your free time

Utilize the break time of 15-20 minutes whenever you get, during your lunch break, or commute from office to home or university to home to enrich your vocabulary by listening to podcasts or commentary or some story as per your choice.

6. Focus more on difficult modules

Spend much time on the question types with which you feel difficulty and devote less time in which you are comfortable. If you are good in the Read Aloud section then, just practice it for not more than 15 minutes. There are so many students that are perfect in English speaking and writing but do not score well on the real PTE. They do not practice consistently!


7. Flexibility in the preparation plan

There should be flexibility in your plan. If you need more practice in one module, then you can easily switch your preparation to that module. For example, if you feel you need more practice to “Summarize the written text”, you can devote more time to that.

8. Improve your skills

Try to improve your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills along with preparation for the PTE test. You can improve your skills by watching movies, listening to your favorite TV presenter, audio recording, joining any speaking groups, reading articles, novels, etc.

9. Join any course

If you are facing a problem in the preparation for this test, you can join any offline or online courses. The expert PTE Tutors will help to solve your doubt and questions.

10. Practice-Scored PTE Mock Tests


These PTE Mock Tests give you an idea of the expected score and with practice, you can improve it. You know your mistakes and learn how to fix them to get a good score on the PTE Test. Let me discuss the benefits of mock tests:

  • PTE mock tests play a very important role in the preparation for this exam. It is a great way to understand the PTE test format. The PTE aspirant can check their level of preparation by giving mock tests. It helps the candidates to understand their strong and weak areas to focus more on them. Many websites provide free and paid courses through which a student can take advantage of it and achieve his/her goal. With more practice, you can secure good marks on the test. They also provide you with score reports and feedback, which is very important to know your mistakes. When you know in which section you have secured fewer marks, you can focus more on that area.
  • The PTE Mock Tests provide the environment of a real test. The questions and patterns have been designed by the experts so that the test taker must get a competitive environment. When the test taker gives an actual test then he feels at ease because he has already attempted the PTE Mock Test which is nearly the original one. The Mock tests are designed as per the latest guidelines of Pearson.
  • The time duration of attempting each section has well defined, so you have to manage your time efficiently. These tests give you the estimate of marks that you can obtain in the actual test. So, you have to set the target of marks that you have to achieve in the test and work hard towards achieving a good score in the mock tests.
  • The PTE Mock Tests can be taken anytime from anywhere; you just need to login credentials. Every time you take a new practice test, you will get unique questions. You can attempt it as many times as you want to, so it gives the chance for good practice. Practicing mock tests increases the speed of problem-solving and enhances overall knowledge.
  • The best PTE Mock Tests platform provides answers to the question, which help the candidate to analyze her performance accurately. The experts also provide feedback, so that you can improve it following their suggestions. Always learn from your mistakes and implement the tips and tricks given by the experts.
  • While solving the PTE Mock Tests, students mark their doubts and get them cleared by teachers. It may be possible that at the time of the actual test, you do not have any doubt.
  • You receive the quick result of the PTE Mock Test within a span of 2 days so that you have time to accesses your performance, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and work on getting a better score before the day of the actual test.
  • You can dedicate the final days of your PTE preparation to solving PTE Mock Tests as much as possible, to take advantage of them and get a good score.

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