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6 Practical Instagram Hacks and Tips for Beginners – Guide

Unless you’re living under the rock in the last decade, you know that social media are probably the hottest thing today when it comes to social media marketing. However, one of them is having a primate over all others. We are talking about Instagram of course. Many popular media marketers are describing it as a Holy Grail of social media marketing. Its popularity is increasing more and more by the day. Also, Instagram’s users are paying attention to the content presented by all of the major brands.

Moreover, a lot of small businesses have their accounts and are promoting themselves. From fashion boutiques to restaurants, all of the businesses are finding Instagram useful for promotions. Also, there are a lot of accounts that accumulated a lot of followers over time who started to promote certain products in order to earn some extra money. Naturally, the best among them are earning serious top dollar. Thankfully, there are always going to be a lot of users who will comment, like, and share posts posted by business accounts. This helps with bringing in a lot of new customers who wouldn’t aware of them otherwise.

There is no reason why anyone can’t do the same. With the increased popularity of this platform, possibilities are countless. This is the reason we’ve decided to do a little research and present you with some of the most practical tips and hacks for people who just started using this popular platform. By applying these, you are bound to appear in the Instagram search for a high number of people. If you are interested in how the Instagram search works, visit Without wasting your time further, let us start with the important stuff.

Use all of the Features

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During our research, we found out that Instagram’s algorithm is prioritizing accounts that are using all of the features and tools available. This goes hand in hand with the trend of increasingly smart bots. They are smarter by the day. This makes perfect sense. The platform itself is looking to encourage more interesting and diverse content. Just think about it, the company wouldn’t spend all that money and time if its users wouldn’t use it. When we are talking about features, we mean business accounts, using different content formats, using Instagram’s analytics features, and of course, using video, pools, highlights, stories, etc.

Use Stories Every Day

Using stories as much as you can is one of the new changes when it comes to the algorithm changes. Chronological order is not as important anymore. Now Instagram is prioritizing some of the posts in the user’s feed. There are a plethora of reasons for this. Also, we think that this is not going to fade for a long time. Posting stories frequently is going to show your content at the top of the user’s feed. So, if users don’t spot your content in their feed, chances are that they are going to see it among all other stories. More importantly, stories are much different, and you will have a chance to participate in many different ways than with regular posts.

Video Formats

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According to research done by the company itself, video content generates much more engagement than other post types. The good news is that all of the videos are searchable and you are going to be able to include some hashtags in order for users to find them much easier. Therefore, you should do your best at creating some of the most unique, high-quality videos frequently. Some of the popular brands are spending high amounts of money and time to create them. Also, some of them are posting them as often as they are posting stories on their accounts. Moreover, you can always combine video content and stories. This proved to be highly effective since the most recent algorithm change.

Post Scheduling

Scheduling your posts is nothing new when it comes to social media is nothing new, but it still works perfectly. You just need to do a little research on Google and find the perfect time for posting for all of the major social media platforms, including Instagram. This is an advantage that we are seriously recommending you to use. The thing is until very recently, Instagram didn’t offer this possibility to its users. So, if you wanted to share some of the content, you would just click on send whenever necessary. Thankfully, this is not the case anymore. Today, you can select among a plethora of tools who can do that for you. Also, Instagram itself has been updated with an API that will provide you with this possibility.

The Right Number of Posts

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Like in life, people don’t like it when something is repeated countless times. That way, it can get boring and you could face some sort of backfire. Believe us, we know that posting on social media is tempting. Instagram is the most tempting of them all, we know. However, you need to find some sort of balance. You can do a little test on your own. For example, start posting two times a day for one week and take the look at the results. If you are not satisfied, try another amount of posts. Naturally, if you are posting once a week, there is not any chance that you will accumulate any amount of following.

Interacting with the Community

If you are trying to start some influencer marketing, interacting with the community is an essential part of your strategy. This is a perfect approach for beginners and companies who are working on a limited budget and can’t raise enough money for paid campaigns. Therefore, you need to find several ways to communicate with your followers. We are going to provide you with some of the examples we feel are the best. You can organize some sorts of takeovers, contests, giveaways, tutorials, etc. All of these are pretty simple to do, but you will have significant results before you.

The Bottom Line

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Instagram is the hottest of all social media at the moment. The time is right for you to start participating in this global trend and earn additional money in the process. Thankfully, it looks like this trend is here to stay for a quite long time. We’ve provided you with some of the most practical hacks and tips for Instagram, who are bound to help you with the growth of your account. We wish you the best of luck.

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